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Pit Bull Puppies Saved From The Streets Overjoyed To Be Reunited 4 Months Later

Pit Bull Puppies Saved From The Streets Overjoyed To Be Reunited 4 Months Later

They say that dogs don’t forget the ones they truly love, and this bonded pair of Pitties would definitely agree if they could speak!

Luna and Obi have shared their life for the good part of their puppyhood. Fending for themselves on the streets of New York City, the two didn’t know life without each other. 

Then, as police picked them up off the streets and took them to a local shelter, their lives took unexpected turns!

Luna And Obi

woman playing with two pit bulls in living room
Source: The Dodo

As soon as she saw a post about Luna and Obi being picked up from the street, Emily, a huge dog lover and foster, decided to step in!

“The police picked Luna and Obi up off the street in Harlem and I saw a post on Instagram, and I thought they don’t need to stay in the shelter, I’ll just take care of them,” Emily told The Dodo.

She immediately embraced both puppies and took them to her apartment in New York City, where the three of them embarked on an exciting journey.

two pit bulls lying on floor
Source: The Dodo

When they first got to their new foster home, both Luna and Obi were skinny and in need of a good feeding plan. Their mom was there the whole time to feed them around the clock, and soon enough – both Pitties blossomed into brand-new pups!

When they finally realized that they didn’t need to worry about food and shelter anymore, Luna and Obi started exhibiting their true personalities

Luna, being more of an indoor dog, found herself comfortable in Emily’s cozy home. Obi, on the other hand, was more rambunctious – and definitely suited for a bigger home with a spacious yard.

The Adoption Day(s)

man holding a pit bull and woman standing next to him
Source: The Dodo

Within just weeks of being in foster care, both Luna and Obi got the sweetest news! Obi got the adopters from Albany, New York. 

A couple, Brian and Melissa, who already owned an adult Pittie, Garcia, fell in love with Obi right off the bat, and they immediately rushed to Emily to meet him. When they finally knocked on that door and got in touch with their new boi – everything was clear.

Obi instantly bonded with his new pawrents, and now it was only a matter of hours before he got into a forever home.

The couple’s children, Hannah and Josh, were extremely happy to have Obi on board. It was as if he was the missing part of the puzzle whom everybody had been waiting for.

couple holding a pit bull at the lake
Source: @kerbinkerbin

Luna, on the other hand, went into a wonderful home in the city. Mimi and Nate, a couple who had always been fond of the idea of having a dog, thought it was the perfect time for them to adopt together. And, when they saw Luna – they just melted!

Luna adores her new apartment. She loves listening to her dad play the guitar, and despite her introverted personality, she just loves accompanying them everywhere! 

Heartwarming Reunion

two pit bull puppies reunited
Source: The Dodo

Four months after they went into forever homes, Luna and Obi met once again!

Their parents decided to reunite old friends together and give them the chance to make up for all the time passed – but there was only one question left: “Will they remember each other?”

And then, they left everyone in awe!

Right after they saw each other, Luna and Obi went crazy! It was like seeing them once again being the exact puppies that were picked up from the street that day – as their relationship hadn’t changed one bit!

photo of two pit bulls running
Source: The Dodo

“They barked at each other for a little bit, which we kind of expected, and then they just sort of got on. They were just running around and doing zoomies and sniffing each other and barking at each other. They got along just like they were a brother and sister,” said Melissa.

Obi and Luna spent a wonderful time one more time, remembering the good old days, and enjoying each other’s company like they once used to. 

Even though they don’t live together anymore, one thing is for sure – they will have a special place for each other in their hearts forever!