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People Were Heartbroken When They Found Out What Was Inside Of A Box Labeled “Xmas”

People Were Heartbroken When They Found Out What Was Inside Of A Box Labeled “Xmas”

For many all around the world, when somebody mentions anything related to Christmas, only happy and delightful moments fill their minds.  

It’s the perfect time to share joy and love, and to create wonderful memories with family members and close ones that will last forever.

Unfortunately, not everybody can associate good memories with this day. The little family of today’s story went through one of the hardest moments ever, and they were most definitely on Santa’s good list.

Heartbreaking Scene 

puppies in cardboxes
Source: Facebook

When a group of people were walking the streets of York, South Carolina, simply enjoying their day, they had no idea that they would run into something as heartbreaking as this.

Placed on the ground next to some dumpsters were two dirty boxes with the cutest thing inside – a litter of puppies! And, to make matters even more heartbreaking, one of the boxes was labeled “Xmas”.

As they approached, the shocked group simply couldn’t understand who could have done this. The puppies, shivering as they spent the entire night out in the freezing weather, were immediately taken in by York Animal Control.

Unfortunately, by that, their situation only got more complicated.

“They were going to be euthanized [the] same day for space. We couldn’t allow that to happen, so we took them in that day,” Chrissy Elder of Forgotten, Now Family Rescue told The Dodo.

New Life

As soon as the pups were in the safe hands of the Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, the pups were taken to the vet for a thorough checkup in order to ensure they were nice and healthy.

adorable puppies at home
Source: Facebook

Other than being underweight, the pups were overall healthy and were excited to meet everybody. Even though they were quite confused by all the love and affection, as they had never experienced it before, the pups got used to it pretty quickly.

“They are the sweetest babies ever. So loving and have no idea humans failed them by throwing them away. They act like they want to be best friends with everyone they meet,” she added.

Naming them Zinfandel, Malbec, Grigio, Merlot, and Riesling, the little family was all set, ready to live their new, much happier life!

puppy sleeping calmly
Source: Facebook

The rescue staff suspects that they were a surprise litter to a family who was not ready to have so many dogs at once. No matter what the case is, the most important thing is that they are happier than ever now, thriving in their new environment and ready to become a part of a loving family.

“They are doing amazing. It’s crazy that most of them are still available for adoption! They are incredible, so we sure hope they find forever homes soon,” she concluded.

puppy on the pillow
Source: Facebook

Final Word

I am sure that the rest of this adorable litter will find a warm and happy home in no time, filling up their days with nothing but fun, joy, and adoration.

Let this story be a reminder that if you have a dog and you are not able to provide it with a home in which it can have babies, there is always the option of spaying.

It is a far better and kinder option than neglecting the needs of it and its babies, or cruelly abandoning either one or both of them. Please take these things into consideration when adopting these beautiful female dogs.