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Rescuers From Pennsylvania Were Shocked By How Many Animals They Found In This Mobile Home

Rescuers From Pennsylvania Were Shocked By How Many Animals They Found In This Mobile Home

Every animal lover knows that in order for our furry friends to be happy, they need to be in a certain type of environment.

This environment includes a clean and large space for them to play in, as well as a loving family that will remind them of their worth with every passing day.

That is why when rescuers from Brandywine Valley SPCA, the largest animal welfare organization in Pennsylvania, heard about an instance where 50 animals were living in very poor and cramped conditions, they knew they had to do something.  

Rescue Mission

The rescuers made their way down to the run-down mobile home the animals were living in, and when they saw them, they came to a shocking realization.

There weren’t 50 animals in that mobile home – there were actually 77 of them!

Included in this bunch were 66 puppies, nine cats, as well as a parakeet. Even though the rescuers were incredibly overwhelmed at the sight, they knew they had to do something to help them.

“[They] were all counting on us. It happened so fast.” Sara Smith, Brandywine Valley SPCA director of communications, told The Dodo.

The rescue team wasted no time and immediately got to work securing the animals and transporting them to the Pennsylvania shelter.

Even though the animals were incredibly scared and in pretty rough shape – they were all covered in fleas, and some even had skin conditions – there were no incidents, and all of them made it out safely.

They were immediately taken to the vet, where they received a thorough checkup, and the ones who were old enough were spayed or neutered and given vaccines, as well as flea treatments.

New Life

As soon as word spread about these poor animals, many generous hoomans opened up their hearts and homes and fostered or adopted them.

Eventually, with time, almost every single animal managed to find a loving forever home where they were finally able to live the life they deserved all along.

The parakeet, in particular, was the first one that was adopted by a local bird expert who already had five other birds, providing it with friends to live and play with.

Only five dogs and six cats remained in the care of the SPCA, waiting to find a home of their own. Nevertheless, they, too, are in very good hands, surrounded by hoomans who shower them with love and affection every single day.

I am sure that with some time, they will also be adopted by loving families who will provide them with a happy and healthy life!

Final Word

This instance further proves that a united community truly can change lives.

If it weren’t for these incredible rescuers, fosters, and adopters, who knows what would have happened to all of these animals?

Thanks to their efforts, all 77 of them will be able to forget about their past and lead a life full of fun adventures, incredible playdates, and days spent with hoomans who love them with all their hearts.Thank you!