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Passerby Found Something Furry Lying Under A Car So He Decided To Check It Out

Passerby Found Something Furry Lying Under A Car So He Decided To Check It Out

You never know when you’re about to discover something extraordinary.

When a random passerby decided to go for a stroll around the city, they absolutely had no idea that they were about to embark on what turned out to be a rescue mission. Then – it happened!

The person saw a strange, mysterious pile of fluff lying under a parked car. When they came a little closer, they realized that it was making small breathing movements. 

Unexpected Discovery

In the attempt to identify the puzzling pile, the passerby approached the car and came to a shocking realization! 

Under the car, there was a dog helplessly lying on the ground. He was there for two whole days, completely malnourished and full of flies. 

“Grey was found last year just lying on the street. By the time someone came to his rescue, he had been lying there for a few days. He was exhausted, skinny and full of fleas,” the WCPDR team wrote on Facebook.

The person immediately rushed to help the poor canine. They scooped him up and transferred him to a local shelter, where he was taken care of. For some time, the dog had a minimum response to his rescuers, as he was still too weak to interact.

Fortunately, a good team of giant-hearted rescuers did everything in their power to help this pup. They nursed him back to health until he was finally strong enough to find a new home.

Then, with the help of the organization called West Coast Paws Dog Rescue, a hooman-shaped miracle crossed his path!

The Inspiring Life Journey

A woman reached out to WCPDR, inquiring about the dog, who was later named Grey. Within days, the resilient pup embarked on a long journey to what turned out to be his forever home! 

His new owners welcomed him with open arms into their loving family, and the pup couldn’t be happier.

For the first few days, he was quite nervous from all the travel. It took Grey some time to acclimate to his new surroundings, but eventually, he knew that his new home was a safe place. The downside was that Grey developed a severe case of separation anxiety.

“Naturally, Grey was nervous and scared from all the travel! Fortunately, he bonded instantly with his new mama and knew he was safe. Unfortunately, it resulted in him being really attached to her and needing some help with separation anxiety,” WCPDR wrote.

His momma is already working on helping him overcome his trauma from being separated. With every new day, Grey is doing better, and now he even lasts for a few minutes of being home alone.

He’s making small but steady steps toward progress, and the family is doing everything to keep him on the right track.

He’s already perfected some commands, such as ‘’come’’ and ‘’sit.’’ According to his owners, he’s an extremely intelligent pup who just needs the right push. 

When he’s not adopting new knowledge, Grey’s favorite things are cuddling with his mom on the couch and snuffle mats.

“He loves coming up on the couch for some cuddles. He also loves snuffle mats,” his mom shared to WCPDR.

He’s such a cuddle bug who appreciates a good love-giving session. After all he went through, it is an absolute delight seeing Grey finally enjoying his life. And, the fact that he has finally found his forever hoomans is priceless!