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A Passerby Couldn’t Believe His Eyes When He Saw An Owner Dump His Special Needs Puppy Into Garbage

A Passerby Couldn’t Believe His Eyes When He Saw An Owner Dump His Special Needs Puppy Into Garbage

So many dogs never feel the gentle touch of a human. Instead, all they know is a life filled with abuse and neglect, which leaves long-term scars of trauma on them. 

When Winnie found herself in a bin, dumped like trash, all she felt was heartbreak.

A kind-hearted passerby saw this act of pure cruelty from a distance and immediately rushed into action. When the person approached a little closer, all they could see was a helpless Cocker Spaniel pup with serious leg deformity. 

She layed in the bin completely defenseless, almost giving up on her life. But, as it turned out, her rescuer wasn’t! 

Timely Rescue

It was hard to believe that someone would do such a cruel thing to an eight-week-old puppy. Winnie was still a tiny baby who needed proper care and nurturing. Yet, somehow, she ended up being discarded like a piece of garbage and left to fight for life. 

The person immediately took her to the vet, who then transferred the puppy to The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home

Sadly, the exam discovered that this beautiful Cocker Spaniel had congenital elbow dislocation with fusion. Her elbow fused at an angle, and as a result, she was completely unable to walk on her front leg.

sweet and cute white puppy
Source: CDCH

The rescuers assume that her condition is the main reason why she was abandoned.

“Her elbow was fused at an angle meaning she was unable to walk on her front leg. Unfortunately, we assume this is the reason she was dumped. It’s likely the previous owner couldn’t afford her care so decided to abandon her when she needed help,” her rescuers wrote in a Facebook post.

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Source: CDCH

In addition to her leg deformity, Winnie had seizures, which are yet to be checked and evaluated. Other than her not being able to stand or walk properly, she wasn’t displaying any other signs that might indicate another health issue.

After the initial treatment in the facility, this brave girl found the perfect foster home with Ebony Poole, a senior animal care assistant at the rescue.

The Long Road To Recovery

Sadly, the only solution for Winnie’s condition was leg amputation. At the time, she was still too young to undergo this procedure, which is why the team decided to wait until she was ready entirely.

“So for now, we are just managing her as she is and making sure she is comfortable, happy, and well-loved,” CDCH wrote.

Winnie regularly got her hydrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments that helped her in the process. And, together with her mom, she has finally started to open up and come out of her shell.

dog sleeping on a owner legs
Source: CDCH

She is extremely playful and intelligent, according to her rescuers. She copes very well and absolutely adores people and other dogs. Despite her leg, she’s very enthusiastic about life and uses every opportunity to entertain herself. 

Her caregivers hope to find a suitable home for Winnie, possibly with an owner who already has some veterinary experience or experience with rehabilitation. 

“We are hoping to find the forever home Winnie deserves where she can continue to receive lots of love, have her needs catered for and the best life possible following her troubled start,” the organization wrote on their official website.

Hopefully, the right owner is just around the corner, waiting for this loving girl to accompany them on an exciting life adventure! After all she’s been through, this inspiring girl sure deserves it!