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Pumpkin, The Dog In A Wheelchair, Has A Non-Profit That Helps Other Dogs

Pumpkin, The Dog In A Wheelchair, Has A Non-Profit That Helps Other Dogs

Who said a dog can’t help other dogs with disabilities? Pumpkin, our hero of the day, is not a millionaire or physical therapist, but her sheer positive energy is more than enough.

Tammie Fox, Pumpkin’s owner, decided to become the caretaker of a dog that was most likely abused. The same abuse was the cause of the dog’s paralyzed hind legs, which prompted Tammie to do something about it.

If you saw Pumpkin, you would be surprised at how active and energetic she is. However, the wheelchair is not a must for this all-white pup. Going to the beach free of wheels helps her get dirty, just like any other Westie, but modelling wheel-free is another passion of hers.

Animal Cruelty Did Not Harm Pumpkin’s Spirit

A thorough vet examination and a bunch of tests after Tammie adopted her determined that Pumpkin’s spine and hind legs sustained major damage due to fractures.

Not being able to use the back legs to walk normally, her front legs got tired very quickly. So, a paralyzed back part of the body was slowing her down a bit. For this reason, Tammie decided that a dog wheelchair would unleash Pumpkin’s full potential.

Although this brave Westie moves freely without the wheels, some playtime session at the beach, and more intense activities like digging and running at real terrier speeds go smoother with the help of a wheelchair.

cute Pumpkin with a wheelchair
Source: Facebook

Despite The Disability, Pumpkin Works Hard To Stay In Shape

Westies are a resilient bunch, but this one is a champion of perseverance. Keeping her body strong for new daily adventures, Pumpkin goes to hydrotherapy with one goal – to stay fit and agile.

Water therapy is used for different types of rehabilitation, including mental and physical therapy, says the AKC. Obviously, Pumpkin enjoys every moment of it to stay strong and to be ready for the next adventure.

Don’t let the wheelchair fool you. She packs a punch, and never lets anything stop her from motivating both humans and dogs to become better, despite the odds.

You can watch the video here!

Dragging her feet through the sand is definitely a workout. However, there are times when fun is the most important thing, and the beach provides that, too. Some off-road wheels and a fashionable pink harness that matches the wheelchair are truly liberating.

Using Her Influence, Pumpkin Is Helping Other Dogs With Disabilities

As if leading by example was not enough effort, Pumpkin inspired Tammie to create a non-profit organization to help other dogs with disabilities move freely.

The charity, Pumpkin and Friends, has many goals. The most important one, though, is opening people’s eyes that a disability is not the end of the world. Pumpkin is one of the dogs that prove this to be true.

Having raised over £25,000 (over $30,000) so far, the non-profit has managed to help canines across the world fulfill their dog-potential. Providing wheelchairs for movement impaired dogs is their main focus, but Pumpkin is also a therapy dog.

Helping other people and dogs comes in many forms. Pumpkin and Tammie organize walks to show pet parents of dogs with disabilities that life can be great, even with some hurdles in it. 

Building wheelchairs, doing team building activities, and organizing get-togethers is just a small part of Pumpkin and Tammie’s itinerary.

Pumpkin’s Theater Role Is Impressive

The New Theatre Royal’s annual Easter production will see Pumpkin feature as Toto, from The Wizard of Oz. Natalie Hayes-Cowley, the New Theatre Royal artistic director, was thrilled with Pumpkin’s tryout for the role.

We first met Pumpkin when she came to see the cast of our last Christmas Pantomime, Cinderella, and we instantly fell in love with her. So, when we put the casting call out for Toto, we were thrilled that she wanted to try out.

We already knew that Pumpkin was a fearless Westie, but landing this role was completely new territory for her. Hayes-Cowley also noted for The Lincolnite that the lead actress, Leah (playing Dorothy), clicked with Pumpkin on a whole new level.

The Message Pumpkin And Tammie Are Trying To Send

Perhaps this short article does not sum up all of Pumpkin’s roles in society, but the lesson Tammie and her Westie are trying to teach us is simple.

Do not miss an opportunity to be happy or make someone happy because the odds are against you. Instead, push through it and reap the rewards. Overcoming difficulties feels much better than having it easy, so let’s all take a note from this inspiring tandem.