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Owners Were Surprised To Learn The Reason Their Dog Has 2 Completely Different Personalities

Owners Were Surprised To Learn The Reason Their Dog Has 2 Completely Different Personalities

We all notice our dogs sometimes being a little silly or having quite a different behavior around their favorite things… or hoomans!

They’re usually more active, engaged, and just non-stop! However, for Radley and her pawrents, things kind of go the other way around. 

This naturally “chaotic” canine girl always has her enthusiasm level at maximum – as that’s just how she rolls. 

But, when it comes to her grandparents, things are just different! With her two “older buddies” around, she suddenly transforms into the calmest, gentlest Pittie girl.

And, the reason? Who could tell?

From The Master Of Chaos To The Gentlest Lovebug

Lara and Brooke, the couple living in New Hampshire, have always been used to Radley’s “chaotic personality.” Not to be overdramatic here – when I say chaos, I mean super fun and super active! 

Okay, sometimes, just sometimes, super destructive in a way that she’ll always come up with a creative solution to make a little show, or “bump” her mommas with a fitness ball on purpose in order to get them to play.

But, when it comes to her grandparents, she’s suddenly this completely different dog.

“She has always been chaotic. She’s just full of energy all the time. But when it came to her grandparents, she is super patient with them and gentle with them. That makes us a little bit jealous,” Lara and Brooke told The Dodo.

Not that she doesn’t like having fun with her grandma and grandpa, either. She’s just a lot calmer and way more gentle around them. 

Whenever they visit, she’ll make sure to have some long cuddle sessions with them, and she won’t even budge. Early in the morning, she’ll even press the I-love-you button to wake them up.

Why, you ask? 

Who could tell? Except that Radley has the time of her life playing with bubble guns in her grandparents’ yard. Or that they absolutely spoil her with delicious puppuccinos whenever they can. I mean, who could really tell?

The “Why I Love Grandpawrents More” Mystery Decoded, Or Is It?

man and woman standing next to a pitbull in a car
Source: The Dodo

Okay, to be fair, nothing her grandpawrents do isn’t exactly news. Lara and Brooke put their best in making every day of Radley’s life a brand-new adventure. But, at the end of the day, this fabulous Pittie just seems to be more interested in her grandparents’ activities.

“She is generally more interested in everything that her grandparents do,” her momma says.

She loves to participate and try to assist in the kitchen. And, when she’s not overproductive and helpful, Radley adores spending some low-key quality time with her grandpa and grandma.

But, wait a minute! Isn’t that just wonderful? I mean, how cool it is to have an opportunity to be a crazy zoomies lover one day and enjoy some wisdom-sharing on the other.

After all, it’s not that Brooke and Lara don’t enjoy all those fabulous horseball games in the yard and Radley’s magic zoomies indoors. 

Okay, they can sometimes be quite intense and way out of their league, but that’s just because Radley’s way ahead of everyone with her sporty, athletic spirit. 

two women and a pitbull
Source: @bpearls214

One thing is for sure – her mommas would definitely not change a thing about Radley. Despite her “double personality syndrome,” she’s still pretty much all they wanted in a dog.

She’s super fun, an excellent companion, and just the best hike buddy to have. Even though she’s inclined more toward her grandpawrents in some things, that surely doesn’t mean that she still can’t be Lara and Brooke’s favorite baby girl.

She can! And she sure is!