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Owners Were Surprised To Learn The Reason Why Their Dog Had Been Acting Very Strange

Owners Were Surprised To Learn The Reason Why Their Dog Had Been Acting Very Strange

Adopting a dog is one of the kindest things you can do for an animal that has spent most of its time in this world in a lot of pain.

So many dogs deserve to find their forever home, but it’s not so easy all the time as many people do not want to adopt.

In this story, we will talk about a kind family who adopted a dog that quite honestly gave them the best surprise.

A New Beginning For A Happy Dog

a dog in a cage looks at its owner
Source: @dxtrdemi

Earlier this year, a woman named Mickey, and her boyfriend, got the idea of adopting a dog from their local shelter in California.

They wanted to save another happy pup after their previous dog passed away. They weren’t sure if they were even going to find the one, but then they saw Demi.

She was just the most beautiful dog who was always happy around other people.

Mickey (who asked that her last name remain anonymous) said to The Dodo: She was super calm and always had a huge smile on her face. Although she was surrounded by many loud barking dogs, she didn’t make a peep… 

We walked her around the aisles of the shelter, and not once did she react to any of the other barking dogs. She even walked herself back into her own kennel. 

They were absolutely charmed by her personality and decided that they had to take her to their home.

Demi’s Unusual Behavior

a man and a woman take a picture with a dog in a car
Source: @dxtrdemi

Demi was a husky, and not a small dog, but this didn’t deter the couple from taking her in and showering her with affection.

When she was in her new home, they helped her adapt, and everything was great for a while.

Then, out of nowhere, Demi’s attitude changed. She began to act a bit strange.

Mickey said: We didn’t notice anything strange in her behavior at first, except the occasional long naps, which we assumed was just in her nature. 

Her energy levels were normal. It wasn’t until she started trying to burrow and den in our closet… She even tore up her favorite bed and lined up her favorite toys in a row nearby. That morning she refused to budge and went on her daily early morning walk.

the dog sits on a leash next to the owner
Source: @dxtrdemi

Her new parents took her to a veterinarian clinic in California to see what was wrong with her. While they were waiting, Demi started giving birth.

The couple had suspected that she was pregnant, but brushed it off because they had thought that the shelter workers where Demi lived would have told them that important fact.

However, the real reason why they didn’t know was because the shelter she was in had a lot of issues with funding, it was also overcrowded and mistakes like this can simply happen to anyone.

A New Dog Family

the dog sleeps on a blanket on the floor
Source: @dxtrdemi

During her pregnancy, they noticed that Demi was as calm as usual, and that surprised them a lot.

After giving birth to 5 puppies, they had to come up with some names for all of them. The little babies were named Bree, Bale, Jo, Grey, and Ari.

Even though Demi was exhausted, she did her best to take care of her new puppies and it showed just how affectionate she was.

two puppies sleeping side by side on the bed
Source: @dxtrdemi

Mickey said: She never ceases to amaze us with how great her motherly and nurturing nature is.

Time had gone by and the little pups had grown quite a bit, and are living a very happy life with their mom and human siblings.

Despite not expecting this sort of development, Mickey and her boyfriend were over the moon with how things turned out, and they are doing their best to take care of their new furry companions.

If you are curious, you can watch the dogs grow up on Demi’s own TikTok page.