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Owners Are Shocked When They Realize That Their Frenchie Is Growing Bigger Than Expected

Owners Are Shocked When They Realize That Their Frenchie Is Growing Bigger Than Expected

Dogs are just full of surprises. Some of them decide to change up their barks all of a sudden, some love sleeping in very strange positions, and others just have an obsession with a certain toy.

But, not a lot of dogs decide to grow up bigger than they are supposed to.

Well, that is exactly what an adorable Frenchie decided to do, putting his parents in such disbelief that they had to do a DNA test to figure out what exactly was going on.  

One Big Doggo

cute puppy with bandana
Source: TikTok

When Arizona-based pet owners decided to adopt an adorable French Bulldog, they thought that when he grows up, they were going to have a small dog considering that this breed typically weighs 16 to 28 pounds.

However, that’s not what their pup, Apollo, had in plan.

black dog with teeth out
Source: TikTok

As time passed, this adorable little puppy started growing big and strong, and… well… he didn’t stop growing.

By the time he was seven months old, he weighed in at a whopping 75 pounds! To say that he was a big boy would be an understatement.

His parents, shocked, decided to take to social media, particularly TikTok, and show everybody else just how big their supposed little dog was.

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Of course, the proud Arizona dog parents embraced their dog’s uniqueness, but they still wanted to figure out what caused this unexpected growth.

The DNA Test

As they were doing the DNA test, the owners weren’t sure what to expect, but when the results were in, everything made sense.

cute black adult dog
Source: TikTok

According to the test, Apollo is 37 percent English Bulldog and 53 percent French Bulldog.

The test also showed that he was four percent American Pit Terrier, two percent Boston Terrier, and four percent American Staffordshire Terrier. Talk about a whole lot of everything!

happy black dog on a leash
Source: TikTok

Of course, anybody who came across this sweet pup was absolutely blown away. All of their videos are filled with sweet comments stating just how adorable this pup truly is.

One commentator was just as shocked as the parents were, stating:

“That is a huge French Bulldog! I’ve never seen one quite that large.”

But, another just stated the obvious:

“The cutest thing ever!”

One even said that his size was actually better for his overall health:

“I think this mix was a good one. His airways look good and he still has the aesthetic of a French bulldog… He is also a 100% good boy but those tests always leave that off.”

Final Word

Despite the big and unexpected surprise his parents got, Apollo is still a very important part of the family and they wouldn’t change him for anything.

After all – the bigger he is, the more love there is to give!