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Drone Footage Showed Owners Their Husky Has Amazing Ability To Make Friends Anywhere

Drone Footage Showed Owners Their Husky Has Amazing Ability To Make Friends Anywhere

It is not said for nothing that a dog is a man’s best friend. The bond between the canine and his favorite human is one of the strongest in the world, and the pain felt when it is suddenly disrupted can not be described in words. 

That is exactly how one couple felt when they lost sight of their beloved Husky one day. They couldn’t find him anywhere, so in despair, they began to suspect the worst.

Yet, these people were determined to do everything to find their pet, so they even decided to use their drone in order to locate him. This sophisticated device brought a smile back to their faces when they saw their dog on the monitor. 

However, at the same time, the scene captured by the drone replaced that happiness with shock and disbelief.

In Good Company

A video recorded by the mentioned drone was posted on Instagram by the user, @sailorjerrithedogtrainer. The very title of the video reveals why the pet parents’ happiness suddenly turned into shock when they took a closer look at the monitor.

“Owners were using a drone to find their missing husky. He was chillin’ with wild bears,” the Instagram user who posted the video wrote. 

Yes, you heard that right – this adventurous pup decided to choose the company of none other than a pack of big, wild bears. Although many people find the scenes of two different types of animals hanging out together cute, it is somewhat different when it comes to bears. 

Not all bears are aggressive, but when you see three wild bears running around your beloved pet, you surely cannot stay indifferent. To make matters worse, the video shows several situations that are on the verge of escalation between the dog and one of the bears. 

Fortunately, by the end of the video, the bears can be seen patiently tolerating the Husky despite being visibly annoyed by his presence. Despite the tension until the very end, this fact still makes the video funny and cute – at least for the neutral viewers. 

We won’t delve much into the parents’ emotions, though. 

Hillarious Comments

This video attracted a lot of attention when it was published on Instagram. It is not a surprise since you do not see a bunch of bears hanging around with a little Husky every day. 

There were many different reactions, and a lot of funny ones, almost hilarious, so we highlighted some of them. 

“You just know this husky has major Donkey from Shrek vibes.” one user wrote. 

“Ask your mom if I can sleep over!😂” another user joked.  

And, the third quipped: “Bears are like HIS FUR IS ON EVERYTHING”

We don’t know how his parents got to him, but we do know how this Husky got to the hearts of many people and showed that animals know no boundaries when it comes to love and friendship. 

We will conclude that the bears demonstrated this by refraining from causing him serious injury. 😂