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Owners Who Lost Their Pups Got Reunited With One Of Them, Only to Discover Even More Joyful News

Owners Who Lost Their Pups Got Reunited With One Of Them, Only to Discover Even More Joyful News

Even though it can be hard at times, being an animal rescuer is one of the most rewarding jobs ever!

The moment when a rescuer realizes that they helped a furry friend live a life that they deserved all along is truly incredible.

And Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, a rescue organization based in Irvine, California, knows a lot about what this feels like.

Another Rescue Under Her Belt

dog sitting in the corner of a building
Source: Suzette Hall

When some Good Samaritans noticed a little pup duo roaming around a neighborhood park, they immediately contacted Hall and informed her of the situation.

Unfortunately, one pup suddenly disappeared, leaving the other scared doggo behind. But, it didn’t take long for him to disappear, too.

Until one night.

“Yesterday I got a message that he was seen running frantically down a busy street. When I got there, I saw him but everyone was pulling over and chasing him. My heart sank, one wrong move and he would have been hit by a car,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

Luckily, Hall was able to get in front of the scared pup with her van and get him to run into a nearby school. She then asked the people who were chasing him to secure the gates of the school so that he wouldn’t run away again.

After she searched the school a bit, she managed to find him hiding in a corner.

Hall carefully approached the pup and managed to slip a snappy snare around his head. This unfortunately scared the pup, and he tried to fight his way out and run away from the rescuer.

But, Hall refused to let him go.

In the end, she managed to calm him down by letting him know that he was safe and that nothing was going to hurt him anymore.

Hall drove around the neighborhood late in the night, trying to find his friend, but she didn’t manage to locate him.

Incredible Reunion

After some research, the California rescue found out that the pup’s name was Rocky and that he was already a part of a family!

They also found out that the other pup, whose name was Whisky, was his brother, and they both ran away from home after their parents mistakenly left the gate open.

Rocky’s owners immediately got into their car and drove over to the shelter to pick up their loving pup!

woman and man holding the dog
Source: Suzette Hall

But, this wasn’t the end of the good news!

Hall received information that Whisky was picked up by another shelter and was placed on their lost dog’s list!

As soon as they got Rocky, they immediately made their way down to reunite with Whisky.

“Oh, what a reunion it will be. Friends back together!” wrote Hall.  

Final Word

This truly is one of those rescue stories that completely melts your heart.

Two fur babies who did their best to stay together but got separated were not only reunited with each other but also with their loving hoomans.

I can only imagine how happy this incredible family was when they were finally together again!