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Owners Didn’t Want Their Pup To Feel Lonely So They Adopted Another Dog From The Shelter

Owners Didn’t Want Their Pup To Feel Lonely So They Adopted Another Dog From The Shelter

When a kind couple decided that they wanted a dog in their life, they turned to their local shelter for information, and that’s how they met Nova.

The moment they laid their eyes on her, it was clear that she was the right dog for them, and that’s when they made their decision.

After it was finalized, they took Nova into her forever home, where they would work to help her start her new life.

Nova’s New Friend

When Nova started living with her new mom and dad, they were very patient with her and allowed her to slowly get used to her new home.

She was a bit reluctant at first, given that she was in a shelter and who knows what she had gone through before that.

However, with enough time, love, and care, she realized that her new parents loved her and only wanted what was best for her.

This change was obvious pretty soon after they adopted her, and they were so happy to see that she trusted them.

They would go on many amazing adventures together, and Nova loved every second of it. Her other favorite activities were snuggling with her dad and taking long naps.

Nova has changed so much in such a short time. Her mom, Pearl, thought that she might get lonely as time went on, so she had an interesting idea.

She told Cuddle Buddies: “She’s this dog that makes you want to get another dog, so we really wanted to get her a playmate.

They found the rescue organization online and found Indie, who seemed like the perfect match for both them and Nova.

Unlike her, however, Indie was a lot happier when she realized that she was being adopted and warmed up to her new parents immediately.

A Truly Amazing Life

When they finally took her home, there was a moment of truth. Will Indie and Nova like each other? Will they behave like good sisters?

The answer is obviously yes. As soon as they saw each other, it became clear to Pearl that they picked well and the two dogs would be good friends.

She said: “It took like two minutes and then they started playing and running through the whole house. They really balance each other out.

The two dogs go on walks almost daily, and the family does everything together. One of their favorite activities is going to the lake where they can swim, relax, and just enjoy themselves.

Even though the two dogs were very different in terms of personality, they always got along great.

Nova was sweet and more easy-going than Indie. She preferred doing relaxing activities like napping. 

Indie’s personality, on the other hand, is a lot more vibrant, and she loves getting into mischief. She enjoys running around and playing with everyone in the house.

Even though they normally run into other dogs when they’re playing outside, they mostly just stick to each other and their family. They are just so adorable.

They are so lucky to have such amazing parents who will take care of them and give them the best life possible. 

In the end, Pearl said: “I sometimes find it very hard to put into words, but I couldn’t imagine a life without them.