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Owner Was Surprised When He Saw His Pup’s Haircut After He Picked Him Up From A Groomer

Owner Was Surprised When He Saw His Pup’s Haircut After He Picked Him Up From A Groomer

I’m pretty sure that we all love a good haircut.

Not only does it make you look fresh, cool, and put together, but it also feels like a superpower, charging you up and giving you the strength to conquer your day and take on the world!

Well, that’s exactly what this tiny Yorkshire Terrier mix and his hooman thought when he got the trendiest cut ever.

Fresh New Look

The Yorkshire Terrier mix named Biggie became Jeff Cole’s best friend when he rescued him from a Texas euthanasia shelter back in 2021.  

Ever since, the two became inseparable, bringing up each other’s day and making life so much better.

Cole makes sure that his furry friend has everything he needs. This, of course, includes taking Biggie to the groomer.

Recently, after picking him up from a fresh trim, he was so amazed by his look that he had to show him off to the rest of the world.

“Who just got a haircut? Who just got a fresh new mullet?!” Cole exclaimed in the video while picking Biggie up and showing off his incredible hairstyle.

The video then cuts to a snapshot of Biggie’s new look in all of its glory… his fur neatly cut short, except for those perfectly-straight locks at the back of his head, giving him the ultimate mullet look.

puppy in the car
Source: TikTok

It came as no surprise when the TikTok video went viral, making users fall head over heels for this handsome boy.

One user wrote, “business in the front, PAWTY in the back,” while the other voiced their opinions very clearly “I don’t like it, I love it!”.

Cole stated that the video was initially made for his wife, Melissa, but he decided to share it with the internet.

“He’s been rocking the mullet for about two years. I used to have the same cut and Biggie thought we should match. We were twinsies for a while and people loved it! After a while, I started to look like a creep so I cut mine but Biggie was not having it so he kept it,” Cole told Newsweek.

man picked up his dog
Source: TikTok

Rise To Fame

Biggie’s fame didn’t really phase him as he is just as cool and popular in real life as he is on social media.

“He’s super vocal and has an amazing personality which only adds to his awesomeness! And way smarter than his dad,” Cole added.

And, even though his dad was a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention his furry friend was receiving, seeing how kind and incredible everybody was really made him a proud doggo parent.

“The best part is seeing so much pawsitivity from people everywhere! In a time where negativity and hatred are rampant online, it’s so refreshing to see the good in people shine,” he said.

Final Word

Ever since he left the Texas shelter, this handsome boy has been living his rockstar life, and we are here for it!

I hope that all the other shelter pups, wherever they may be, also find wonderful hoomans who will give them amazing lives, just like Biggie’s hoomans did for him.

“There are so many amazing abandoned animals who deserve a loving home. Biggie is a great example and an ambassador for adopting over shopping,” Cole concluded.