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Owner Was So Proud Of His Black Labrador After He Rushed To Save A Drowning Fawn

Owner Was So Proud Of His Black Labrador After He Rushed To Save A Drowning Fawn

Out of all the animal species in the world, there isn’t a single one that is quite heroic and selfless like dogs. They are truly special in our hearts.

Seeing a person or an animal in need is always their cue to help, and they are always there when we need them the most.

This is something that most of us never even really notice or think about until we see it happen in our lives or in someone else’s.

In the case of this adorable Black Labrador, he had noticed a drowning fawn in the river and realized that he had to do something.

A Heroic Dog

dog with drowning fawn
Source: @woofwooftv

After looking at the fawn, he rushed inside the river. He swam directly to her for a few seconds and then tried to help her.

Because it was scared, the fawn was crying the whole time, but the Black Labrador was determined to do something so he grabbed her with his mouth.

He started swimming back to his owner. He noticed that the poor animal was still petrified because it did not know if it was going to be okay.

After reaching the shore, the fawn was finally safe. The owner commended his dog and told him he was a good boy. He must have been so proud of him for this.

black labrador rescuing fawn
Source: @woofwooftv

He carefully took the fawn and examined her to see if she was okay. After determining that, he slowly put her down.

While we don’t know what happens next or if the baby was reunited with its mom, it’s really amazing to see just how heroic dogs can be.

This video was posted on many different social media sites, where it got millions of views and a lot of likes from other people.

Internet’s Reaction

dog rescued fawn from the river
Source: @woofwooftv

Just as expected, the short clip received mostly positive attention from other people, with a lot of people sharing their thoughts on the whole event.

One person commented: “Labradors are what you would call a kindhearted dog. They will put their life in jeopardy for the greater good. That is why I have always had Black Labradors.

While I have never had a labrador of my own, I have known people who have, and I completely agree with this sentiment.

Another person simply said: “Give that doggo a medal! He is a hero!”

I can’t argue with that. As already stated a few times, their acts show us that they can be really selfless and brave.

Lastly, one person commented: “Aww so amazing! Did the baby find its mother?

While this question remains unanswered, I’d like to believe that they have tried helping the poor fawn in any way they could.

In the end, seeing such a simple but heroic act was really heartwarming for a lot of people, and dogs will always be here to surprise us with their compassion and bravery.