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Owner Neglected Pup Thinking Her Swollen Belly Was A Sign Of Pregnancy, Turns Out That Wasn’t The Case

Owner Neglected Pup Thinking Her Swollen Belly Was A Sign Of Pregnancy, Turns Out That Wasn’t The Case

One of the hardest things a rescuer experiences is learning that the owner of a pup is abusing them.

They have to drive to the house, confront the owner, and explain to them that what they are doing is wrong, then try to get the pup into their care and take them as far away from that place as possible.

This is exactly what happened when a concerned neighbor contacted a local rescuer, letting them know that an adorable pup desperately needed their help.

Help Is On The Way

dog on the street
Source: Youtube

After spending hours trying to find the right house, the rescuer finally arrived at the location.

Immediately, they noticed a cage in the yard, from which a sad, tired face looked out toward them as if she were asking for help.

The rescuer immediately confronted the owner, explaining that this was not the way to treat an animal of any kind. However, the owner told them that they didn’t want to pay any medical bills; they just wanted to have puppies.

dog sitting on the door edge
Source: Youtube

Refusing to give the pup away, the rescuer knew that it, with an extremely swollen belly, needed to be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

As they looked down, they saw the pup staring at them with hopeful eyes, begging them not to leave without her. The rescuer decided to offer the owner some money in exchange for the pup, to which the owner agreed.

Finally, this beautiful girl was in the safe hands of a hooman who would do everything they could to ensure that she had a good life!

man holding a dog with swollen belly
Source: Youtube

At The Vet

After an hour-long drive, the rescuer arrived at the local vet, where the patient pup received a thorough examination.

The vets determined that she had an excessive amount of fluid in her heart, causing it to press on her lungs.

dog in pain
Source: Youtube

Undergoing a procedure to drain her belly, the pup was feeling very anxious. Luckily, the loving hoomans around her made her feel so much better.

After all of the fluid was drained, that was when the rescuer was able to see just how malnourished the pup was. She was just skin and bones.

skinny dof
Source: Youtube

Nevertheless, everybody revealed that her health had stabilized, allowing them to finally focus on making her look like the prettiest girl in the world.

New Life

As her appetite opened up, she ate every single meal with delight, making her gain a lot of healthy weight in just three months.

Naming her Dulce, the rescuer couldn’t believe that this was the same dog they rescued all those months ago.

She was happy, playful, and full of life!

a dog lying
Source: Youtube

I am sure that the future will bring sweet Dulce a lot of happiness, connecting her to a loving family that will fill her every day with love, happiness, and adoration!

Good luck, Dulce!