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Owner Straps Camera To Her Dog For Cute Videos, But Gets Hilarious Footage Instead

Owner Straps Camera To Her Dog For Cute Videos, But Gets Hilarious Footage Instead

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from a dog’s perspective?

The owner of a Chihuahua mix, named June Bug, had the same idea when she decided to attach a GoPro camera to her dog and capture some adorable videos at the dog park.

However, this took an unexpected turn when the curious pooch’s activities were revealed. 

The Adventures Of June Bug  

June Bug was rescued from the streets of Texas, but now she lives with his mom in New York City. 

She’s a five-year-old Chihuahua mix who loves to dress up in matching outfits with her mom and visit dog parks to meet as many new friends as possible. 

June Bug’s owner tried to attach a GoPro camera to her precious dog in hopes of getting some cute videos to share on their social media, but things didn’t go as planned. 

However, the footage showing June Bug’s adventures sure did make everyone laugh. 

“POV you attach a GoPro to your dog for cute videos and get this instead…,” said in the caption of the hilarious video posted on TikTok.

The next part of the video shows June Bug running after a much bigger dog and sniffing its rear end.

There weren’t any adorable videos to share; instead, June Bug engaged in a considerable amount of butt sniffing.

“It really is just a bunch of butt sniffing…,” said June Bug’s mom. To prove her point, she even included her point of view, where you can clearly see June Bug following the other dog around. 


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The video quickly became viral online, with people finding it hysterical. 

“😂😂😂 I wanted to get a GoPro for my malinois, so I could get video of her ears flopping when she runs… but now I’m rethinking this,” one user commented on Instagram. 

Although the owner’s idea to get a camera for some cute videos “backfired”, the video itself did bring a lot of joy to a lot of people, and that’s the most important thing. 

“Omg I haven’t actually laughed OUT LOUD in days 😂😂😂,” said one person on TikTok. 

June Bug’s profile was created to bring people joy and to encourage even more people to rescue and adopt, and it’s doing exactly that. 

“Getting adopted was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I want to help as many dogs find their furever homes,” ‘June Bug’ said on her Instagram.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Rear Ends?

According to VCA Animal Hospital, “Dogs sniff rear ends as a form of greeting and to obtain vital information. And because the odor is unique to every dog, two dogs can quickly determine if they have met before.” 

In the dog world, this sniffing ritual serves as a form of social interaction and helps establish a sense of familiarity and communication within the canine community.

It allows the dog to learn the other dog’s gender, health, and diet, and it can even serve as a stress reliever to some dogs.