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Owner Sees A Mysterious Animal Take His Dog’s Toy And Then He Realized What It Was

Owner Sees A Mysterious Animal Take His Dog’s Toy And Then He Realized What It Was

Blaze is a sweet-natured pup who loves being surrounded by toys.

Among his huge collection, Blaze has one toy which he deems as, safe to say, his most prized possession – a pink, plushie dinosaur.

Favorite Toy

According to his owner, Blaze is the type of dog who will carry his toys, showing them off as if they were trophies.

“If he’s greeting you or gets excited about something, he’s rushing to grab a toy first,” said Blaze’s dad.

One of the toys he loves to grab and show off is his pink dinosaur. However, it looks like somebody else also likes it as much as he does.  

Little Intruder

One day, while Blaze’s owner was hanging out with his lovely dog, something caught his eye.

When Blaze went inside to have his breakfast, he left his toy dinosaur on the patio, thinking he would return to it after his meal. However, somebody got to it first.

A little squirrel noticed the pink toy and decided to have a go herself.

I peeked out back, and that’s when I realized what was happening. It was the first time I had ever seen something like this.

squirrel playing with my dogs toys… never see. Anything like this
byu/itsssean insquirrels

The squirrel was having the time of her life and her little playdate went on for a while.

The most interesting thing, though, was the fact that Blaze didn’t seem bothered at all. He didn’t mind sharing his toy with the squirrel since he wasn’t using it himself.

You can tell what a sweet dog Blaze is by the fact that he’s eating and minding his own business, even though there’s a critter playing with his toy outside. That kind of tells you everything you need to know about him.

Indeed, it isn’t easy sharing your prized possessions with complete strangers, but Blaze reminded us of a very important lesson – sharing is caring!