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Owner Noticed His Dog Was Struggling With Something Outside And Then He Realized What Was Going On

Owner Noticed His Dog Was Struggling With Something Outside And Then He Realized What Was Going On

It is not for nothing that it is said that persistence always pays off. And, you can hardly find a better way to convince yourself of this than to have a cute little Labrador demonstrate it for you.

A little lab puppy from Jupiter, Florida, named Gracie, was only four months old when she had a duty to pick up her dad’s newspaper. She would have handled that job without a problem if it had been any other day. But, it was Sunday, and the newspapers were extra heavy.

Still, that didn’t stop Gracie from doing her best, so her dad could read the news. Ultimately, her efforts paid off, and her dad recorded the scene in one of the cutest videos you’ll ever watch.

Daddy Was So Proud Of Her

puppy struggling in the yard
Source: Caters Clips

Gracie never shirked her duties, and one of her favorite things to do is pick up the newspaper that the mailman leaves in the front yard of their home in Jupiter every day.

However, this time, it was Sunday, and the challenge was extra big because the paper was chock full of ads, cartoons, and special inserts, bulking it up twice its normal size. 

But, as soon as her dad, Peter Schulz, shouted, “Gracie, the newspaper”, she didn’t wait a moment, but immediately ran out the door towards the end of the road where they are left.

puppy carrying an item in its mouth
Source: Caters Clips

When she tried to take it, she saw that she was in for a very difficult job. But, that didn’t sway her at all, and her dad encouraged her from the beginning.

“Bring it here, Gracie!” Peter called, encouragingly, as the little puppy struggled to wrap her maw around the bulky, plastic-wrapped paper. “I know, it’s a big one today, it’s Sunday’s paper.”

puppy walking on grass
Source: Caters Clips

After that, Gracie retreated to a reserve position, on the grass, and after a few seconds, she ran towards her target again. It was as if she was thinking: “You won’t get away with this so easy!”

Since she did not fully succeed in her intention this time either, Peter had to intervene. 

“Here, let’s do this,” Peter said, grabbing the edge of the plastic. “Here, grab it like this, here, pull it.”

But, her thinking was that “Only losers choose the easy way”, so she once again decided to try it herself. And, she succeeded.

puppy carrying newspaper
Source: Caters Clips

The truth is that she almost fell several times under the weight of the newspaper. But, what to do? No one is perfect. 

In the end, the goal was achieved, and no one was prouder than her, except her daddy, of course.

She Always Wanted To Be Like Big Dogs

three dogs lying in the livingroom
Source: Peter Schulz

Peter’s house has always been a home for dogs, and at the time of this event, Gracie was also living with her mom, Maddie, and grandma, Dakota

The two of them had been doing this newspaper job for years, so now it was time for their successor. The duty fell to Gracie, but despite all the difficulties, she performed it successfully.

Her ambition to always be like the big dogs contributed the most to her success. The video in which “Gracie wants to beat the bigger Labradors to the paper every morning” shows this the best. 

And, truly, she always reached them first and managed to make her dad happy with the fresh news of that day. Her ambition and persistence are definitely inspiring.

Today, Gracie is a big girl who has learned a lot in the meantime and is probably an example to many other little Labradors who want to follow in her footsteps.

two dogs lying by the fire place
Source: Peter Schulz

We believe that now, newspapers aren’t much of a problem for Gracie, even on Sundays. However, it took a lot of tries to get there, and Gracie, herself, knows that best.