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Owner Noticed His Dog Was Getting Bored So He Brought Him A New Best Friend

Owner Noticed His Dog Was Getting Bored So He Brought Him A New Best Friend

Dogs are naturally social, and they enjoy being around other people or animals, which is why I think it’s important that all of our furry friends have someone to hang out with.

They can get bored easily and that can be a really big problem, especially for people who work long hours and their dog spends most of the time inside a home.

This is not good most of the time as they require stimulation a lot of the time, and some people just can’t always be there for them. However, there are always solutions.

For this sweet dog named Cairo, things were a bit complicated. He also wanted new friends and his owners surprised him by bringing in someone special he could play with.

Meet Sultan

shiba inu with cat
Source: @shiba.cairo

When Cairo’s owner, Eric, noticed that his dog was getting bored of being on his own, it was quite a problem.

He’d always demand attention from Eric, and it was clear that he needed a friend who would keep him entertained.

So, one day, Eric decided to adopt an animal from a shelter in California. It was a cat named Sultan. 

When he did this, he decided to separate the house so each of them could have their own little corner.

dog and cat laying togethet
Source: @shiba.cairo

At first, Cairo was confused about Sultan and didn’t know exactly how to behave. Sultan, on the other hand, was very playful and loved exploring his new house.

He would constantly be around his toys, and this got Cairo curious. Even though he still hadn’t made up his mind about the cat, he still wanted to meet him.

The best way Eric got them to get along was when they both came to him for attention, and then he would pet them until they fell asleep together. It was just adorable.

Two Best Buddies

adorable dog and cat playing
Source: @shiba.cairo

As time went on, Cairo would start sniffing and poking Sultan, and this could be considered the start of their friendship.

At that moment, Eric relaxed completely, and it was clear that the two of them would get along just fine.

Soon enough, the two of them would start playing. Sultan would engage Cairo and he would accept his challenge.

After that, they would just play around and spar with each other all the time. There was no more doubt. The two were clearly best friends at this point.

Even after five months together, their friendship has grown, and it’s really amazing to see them like this.

cute dog hanging with cat
Source: @shiba.cairo

Sultan would sometimes give Cairo some back rubs, and the two even started sharing the same bed after that.

Even though Cairo didn’t always enjoy cuddles, he would always accept them from his new best friend.

In a way, this sweet dog has been like a mature older brother to this adorable cat. Their bond is something truly special and it’s amazing to see how they’ve both changed together.

Eric is so glad to see that his two favorite furry friends are getting along together so well. I truly wish them all the best on their new adventures.