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Owner Left His Dog Near A Shelter With A Note That Said She Should Be Euthanized

Owner Left His Dog Near A Shelter With A Note That Said She Should Be Euthanized

When we first adopt a dog and bring him into our life, we don’t often think about the fact that they might get sick.

Then, it inevitably happens. Sometimes, it’s just a small illness that is easily treatable, but when it’s a big problem, you don’t have many options. A lot of people can’t afford to treat dogs with serious illnesses, so they have to euthanize them to prevent any further suffering.

It’s sad and painful, but sometimes people really don’t have any options. In this story, we will talk about a dog who was seriously ill and really needed medical help.

A Heartbreaking Note

It was an ordinary day when one of the staff members working for Greenville Humane Society found a dog tied outside of their shelter in South Carolina. The person who abandoned him also left a sad note.

Remy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix who had a serious and rare heart condition that was hard to treat. 

When the owner was no longer able to financially support the dog’s treatment, she was abandoned outside of the shelter.

In the note, the person said: My sister could not take care of her the way she needed to be. She has illnesses I don’t believe are fixable. She needs to be put down as soon as possible.

A local news channel, called WYFF, did a little investigating and they found that the dog was tied outside the shelter on Saturday night, and was found on Sunday.

Rachel Dalport, who works for the Greenville Humane Society, told WYFF: It was someone who truly wanted the best for her, and just didn’t know what to do. 

She believed that Remy’s owner was not a neglectful one, but someone who truly cared for her and could no longer help her.

A Hopeful Look At The Future

When the shelter staff took Remy in, they discovered her illness was a grade-six heart murmur and she also had a skin issue due to malnourishment.

The Greenville Humane Society said: This serious condition will require an echocardiogram, at minimum. Depending on what is found during the procedure, Remy may require surgery or a lifelong medication regimen.

In order to help Remy, the organization set up a Hope Fund that is used not just for her, but also for treating any abandoned dog in South Carolina who needs their help.

In a Facebook statement, they said: We’ve had more sick and injured animals in our care recently than we have the funds for. We know shelters everywhere are in the same predicament.

Some time had passed and the team working to help Remy was able to provide more insight into her illness.

Apparently, what was causing her heart problems was B1 degenerative valve disease. This was somewhat good news as it meant she didn’t need any more surgeries.

However, this does not mean she is out of the woods yet. She is regularly receiving medication for her heart condition and skin problems, and the staff is hopeful that she will live a long and healthy life. 

Although it’s unclear if Remy has found a new home, we at least know she is being taken care of by many wonderful people at the Greenville Humane Society who have her best interests at heart.