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Owner Forced To Surrender His Loving Dog Gets The Kindest Message From The Shelter

Owner Forced To Surrender His Loving Dog Gets The Kindest Message From The Shelter

No matter how much we love our furry companions, sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

Milo and his owner spent many wonderful moments together, but destiny had other plans. Due to a sudden change of events, the owner needed to give up his dog to a shelter, making the most difficult decision of his life.

When shelter workers from Georgia found the dog and the heartbreaking note the next day, their reaction warmed the hearts of many!

Here’s what happened…

Empathy And Understanding

Instead of judging Milo’s owner for abandoning his dog in front of a shelter and then walking away, LifeLine Animal Project, from Atlanta, Georgia, surprised everyone with their heartfelt response.

After carefully reading the note Milo’s owner left with the dog, the team decided to write his hooman an open letter

“What a brave act of self-sacrifice to risk scorn and judgment while trying to do what was best for Milo,” they wrote among other things.

Milo was evidently loved very much by his owner. In the note left next to the dog, the owner explained that he lost his home and couldn’t take care of his dog anymore. 

“Please don’t judge me on this single act alone… I am homeless and can’t fulfill the duties needed to take care of him,” he wrote.

He tried rehoming Milo or at least finding him a foster home, but both options failed.

Then, instead of abandoning his dog on the street, he did what was best for him – surrender Milo to the people who would take care of him. The owner provided all of the details about Milo, including his age, name, vaccination status, favorite food, and behavioral traits.

Soon enough, the shelter response warmed the hearts of thousands of people. In their open letter, they state that they perfectly understood the situation, and sympathized with the owner’s rough decision

They expressed their deepest gratitude to the owner for showing responsibility and leaving the dog in the safe place. 

Milo Got A New Chance

Even though they never managed to reach out to his original owner, the good news arrived just a couple of months later.

An amazing family arrived with the sole purpose of adopting a dog – and they fell in love with Milo right off the bat. As soon as they saw Milo lying in his crate, they knew that he was meant to be their dog!

What’s even more stunning is the fact that the family wanted to name their future dog, Milo, and when they came to fill out the paperwork, they had no idea they already got a dog with that exact name!

Despite his rough past, Milo has absolutely transformed in his new home. He blossomed into a wonderful companion, and he’s definitely the biggest cuddle bug!

When he’s not entertaining everyone with his one-of-a-kind personality, Milo loves shopping!

“They’ve also discovered that he has an affinity for window shopping! He loves to walk into the stores, sniff everything and stare, as if he’s going to buy something,” the LLAP wrote.

The family also sent a public message to Milo’s previous owner, stating that he’s perfectly fine.  

“He’s going to go on to live a really fun, adventurous, travel-filled life,” they said.

Milo is loved by many, he has a beautiful, cozy home, and a lot of friends who truly love him. Even though he lost his home once, Milo’s today the happiest boi who lives his life to the fullest!