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Owner Heartbroken As He Surrenders His Beloved Dog To A Shelter Due To Health Issues

Owner Heartbroken As He Surrenders His Beloved Dog To A Shelter Due To Health Issues

A loving home is all that shelter dogs dream of having and the only thing that could make them truly happy. They would give anything to find parents who adore them and shower them with love and affection every day.

Toby was one of the lucky shelter pups who found his parents within days after he arrived at Seattle Humane. He was an adorable fur baby who stole the hearts of all shelter staff members.

The Lovely Dog Finds Himself At The Shelter Again

Toby felt like he was the happiest pup in the world. He moved in with his family and they gave him the best life.

Toby felt loved and cared for. He was convinced that this was his forever home.

Unfortunately, his 83-year-old owner began having some health issues. Since he was unable to take care of Toby, he had no other choice but to surrender his lovely pup to the shelter.

He hoped that Toby would find a wonderful family that would give him what he no longer could. After living with his beloved owner for 10 years, Toby found himself at the shelter gate again.

When the staff at Seattle Humane realized that Toby was surrendered, they were heartbroken. 

The sweet dog didn’t understand why he found himself back at the shelter. Although he was glad to see his shelter friends, he kept expecting to see the face of his loving owner.

Toby Hopes To Meet His Forever Parents

Both the staff and the volunteers showered him with love and tried to make him feel better. They took him on walks and they cuddled him a lot. Thanks to their love and attention, Toby felt happy. He became hopeful that he would find a new family.

Since he returned to the shelter on May 31, 2023, he spent some time in foster homes. Although some people were interested in Toby, they didn’t take him home.

Brandon Macz, the shelter’s PR and social media specialist, hopes that Toby’s age won’t be an obstacle in finding him a forever home.

“People who have experience with senior pets know that they are very loving, calmer, have more training under their collars and firmly established personalities that are less likely to change over time, unlike younger pets,” said Macz.

While Toby’s staying at the shelter, he showers his shelter friends with sweet kisses and brightens up their days with his beautiful smile.

Just like all his friends, we are rooting for Toby to find the perfect loving home that he deserves. 

If you’re currently looking for a furry companion, please contact Seattle Humane and meet Toby. Give this sweet boi a chance to steal your heart forever and become your best friend.