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Owner Abandoned His Dog Because He ‘Chased Chickens’ But A Kind Rescuer Rushed To Help Him

Owner Abandoned His Dog Because He ‘Chased Chickens’ But A Kind Rescuer Rushed To Help Him

When considering a dog for adoption, many factors come into play for most people. Some of those are age, breed, size, and whether or not we can secure them a good life.

However, for some, none of this matters, and this is not always a good thing. On occasion, we have all likely seen people who adopt dogs for protection and end up treating them horribly.

This often results in the pup running away or being abandoned by its owner when the owner no longer wants to care for it.

The situation was no different for this sweet pup, who was cruelly dumped by his owner because he ‘chased chickens’ around, which annoyed him.

Luckily, things were about to change for the pup because he ended up meeting someone truly amazing.

A New Big Change

woman feeding abandoned dog
Source: Youtube

After he was dumped from his home, the sweet dog spent many days just roaming around the town and looking for help.

Now that he was on his own, problems started arising. Despite looking for food everywhere, he didn’t have anything to eat.

He started losing weight drastically. It got to the point that he was so skinny you could see his bones. This was so depressing to see.

Just as all hope seemed lost, a kind rescuer crossed his path and realized that he was not going to make it without help.

The woman brought him food. The poor pup was so hungry that he ate it all in a minute. His rescuer realized that he could probably eat even more, but she didn’t want him to vomit all of it.

woman helping dog with snacks
Source: Youtube

After eating all of his food, the woman gave him some nice pets and thought about asking around to see if she could find the dog’s owner.

The neighbor who called the rescuer pointed her in the right direction. She found the house and started talking with the man.

When she asked the owner why he had gotten rid of the dog, he explained that it was because the dog was mischievous and would chase his chickens away.

This is really horrible because dogs are naturally just very playful when they are young, and there is no excuse for treating them this way.

Good And Bad News

woman snuggles with dog
Source: Youtube

Afterward, she took the dog to a veterinarian clinic for treatment. The vets told the rescuer that the puppy was eight months old and only weighed five kilograms.

He was also dehydrated and anemic. This news was depressing, but no one was quitting. They are going to make sure he recovers. 

During his examination, the rescuer noticed how relaxed and obedient he was the whole time. It made her question the validity of the owner’s statements about his behavior.

a dog with redhaired woman
Source: Youtube

In the next phase of treatment, the vets dewormed and vaccinated him. Things were finally heading in the right direction.

However, something strange happened out of the blue. The owner called and demanded his dog back. If they didn’t want to surrender him, then they would have to pay a fee.

The rescuers would not back down and just give him up. They called the authorities, and they made the case that the owner was abusive and didn’t deserve the dog.

young couple holding a dog
Source: Youtube

After that, the case was settled. Now that he was safe with his rescuer, he made a miraculous recovery in just three months.

He has regained all of his weight and is a lot happier now. The pup is now almost completely unrecognizable.

The rescuer actually managed to find a wonderful family for him and he is now living his best life with someone who loves and values him.