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Owners Wanted To Euthanize Their Goldie For Being Overweight, Now She’s A Brand New Dog

Owners Wanted To Euthanize Their Goldie For Being Overweight, Now She’s A Brand New Dog

Aside from abandonment, overcrowded shelters, neglect, and many other problems in the dog world, obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger concern every year. 

There are many causes for it, and the most obvious one is intemperance in eating. However, the owner’s lack of knowledge about the proper diet for a dog, as well as some hidden health problems, can sometimes lead to this and cause dangerous consequences.

One obese Golden Retriever was on the verge of feeling it on her skin when her owner decided to euthanize her due to being overweight. Fortunately, the good people from Rovers Retreat Home in California immediately stepped in and saved this poor dog.

From that day, her new life began. 

She Was Broken Inside And Out

According to Rovers Retreat’s Instagram post, this eight-year-old goldie named Frannie was in horrible condition when she was rescued. 

“She cannot walk. Barely stands. She is broken… physically and emotionally.” they wrote. 

That’s why they immediately took her to the vet where they would examine her health condition in detail. 

The veterinarians found out that Frannie weighed 125 pounds, which was more than double what a healthy weight for her size would be. But, they also discovered that she was suffering from hypothyroidism, which was the main reason for the extra pounds. 

Unfortunately, the list of health problems did not end there because she also had arthritis and spondylosis. In the end, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, for which she had to be hospitalized for several days.

This poor girl was forced to stay in the clinic where her food was replaced with numerous antibiotics, fluids, pain meds, and vitamins. 

Eventually, it all paid off because she finally started eating and drinking normally after that. But, what is most important is that this brave pup started to show signs of joy when she was with people, which was not the case before. 

“Frannie LIT UP the moment she saw us today. She crawled right to us trying to get out of the kennel, so we took her outside to get some fresh air,” Rovers Retreat wrote in their Instagram post and added: “She became so animated… demanding pets, giving kisses, and smiling nonstop.”

All that was left was to find her a foster home, so that her rehabilitation could continue successfully. 

Soon, luck smiled on them.

From Barely Walking To A TikTok Star

Annika, a vet student from the University of California, was very touched by Frannie’s story, so she decided to step in and provide this doggo with a foster home. 

Everyone was happy and excited about Frannie’s new beginning, but there was still a lot of work ahead of them because all that huge weight had to be taken off her back.

However, the first news about Frannie indicated that her road to full recovery would be a success. 

“She is soaking it all in, enjoying every moment, and ready to do all the amazing things we all knew she was capable of. Here’s to just the very first best day ever this girl will get to experience. Little does she know, another one is coming tomorrow!” Rovers Retreat wrote in their Instagram post

After it was reported almost every day that her pounds were melting and that her physical and emotional health was getting better, this goldie soon reached her peak, at least as far as Internet life is concerned.

The roommate of her new foster mom posted a video via her TikTok profile


frannie is an 8yr old golden retriever who was rescued from euthanasia by Rover’s Retreat and is now in the care of my roommate annika! follow frannie’s account @Frannie’s Fight to follow along on her journey! #fyp #foryoupage #dogrescue #goldenretriever #rescuedog #animalsoftiktok #dogvideo #dog #rescueanimals #dogsoftiktok

♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

As you can see, it is a video showing the daily struggle of this dog and her courage and tenacity to constantly persevere in her fight and move on.

Although neither the foster mom nor her roommate expected it, this video soon became a boom. Frannie attracted the attention of many people and became an inspiration to everyone in their life’s struggles. 

The latest news is that Frannie is close to getting back to her normal weight and continuing to live life to the fullest. We do not doubt that it will be so, and we keep our fingers crossed for this brave girl in her future endeavors.

After all, she is a living example to all of us that from the very bottom – with love, faith, and never giving up, you can reach the very top.

So, good luck, Frannie!