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Overlooked Shelter Dog Was Scheduled For Euthanasia, Until A Miracle Happened At The Last Moment

Overlooked Shelter Dog Was Scheduled For Euthanasia, Until A Miracle Happened At The Last Moment

There is perhaps nothing worse than when rescuers save a sweet and lovable dog only for him to get rejected so many times and set to be euthanized.

No matter how you think about it, there is no valid reason as to why any healthy and sweet pup would have to go through something like this.

All of them deserve time to find a family who will love and care for them. For this story, we will talk about a dog who was almost euthanized, but something changed that.

An Amazing Rescuer

brown pitbull
Source: YouTube

When Jon Mancinetti set out on a road trip with his dog, Smokey, they made an interesting resolution.

He told The Dodo: Every city we go to, I would visit the shelter, try to showcase the local dogs that needed to get adopted.

During his stay in a shelter in Memphis, he was able to meet many wonderful dogs, and he was just about to leave when something happened.

One of the volunteers stopped him and told him about Mosey because he was set to be euthanized that day.

pittie on a harness
Source: YouTube

He went to meet the dog, and he was just so sweet right away. He felt so bad for him, as he was also really skinny.

Mancinetti said: No one was going to come into the shelter and adopt him just because of the way he looked, but I knew there was a beautiful dog underneath all that.

He didn’t want to leave him at the shelter in Memphis, so he decided that he was going to foster Mosey. However, he had to introduce him to his dog, Smokey.

When the two met, it was clear to Mancinetti that they were going to get along just fine.

Mosey’s New Journey

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It was at that moment when he also decided that Mosey was going to join him and Smokey on their epic tour.

They visited seven cities and were having a blast. Mosey was particularly fond of exploring new environments.

During their trip, Mancinetti also noticed that Mosey was recovering well. His weight had gone up significantly and his fur had started growing more.

When it came time to find a new family for Mosey, Mancinetti didn’t want to rush it. He wanted to make sure that the family he found for this sweet dog was the right one.

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Source: YouTube

Luckily, for him, he found someone special. When he went to meet them, he was surprised by just how excited they were about Mosey.

When he got there, he was surprised to see that they placed a sign near the fireplace that said: Welcome home Mosey.

Right away, he met his new dog siblings and his family. He fell in love with all of them immediately and realized that this was now his forever home.

Mancinetti was sad that he was parting ways with Mosey, but happy that he had found someone so amazing to take care of him.