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Overlooked Dog Spends Almost 250 Days At Shelter Watching Her Buddies Go Into Forever Homes

Overlooked Dog Spends Almost 250 Days At Shelter Watching Her Buddies Go Into Forever Homes

Her whole life, Panini has been nothing but a sweetheart. Yet, the closest she has come to adoption was watching her shelter buddies go into forever homes, while she remained overlooked.

The staff at Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas is heartbroken by Panini’s continued exclusion. Whether it’s due to black dog syndrome or just unfortunate circumstances – she has never known what it means to be a family dog.

But, hope still remains alive! And, her caregivers sure won’t give up on finding this girl the pawfect home!

Why Is This Beauty Still Without A Home

It’s been almost 250 days for Panini in this Texas shelter. Throughout her stay there, she has never had an outburst or shown any undesirable behavior.

Quite the contrary – she’s everyone’s favorite!

Panini is the dog with the calmest, gentlest demeanor that captivates everyone’s hearts. Even when she plays with her toys, she does it gently! She’s just this cute dog who always has an open heart toward every being.

“Panini is a sweetheart and a shelter favorite. Unfortunately, she has been at the shelter for almost 250 days,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

Whenever she’s out playing with other dogs or going on daily walkies, she behaves perfectly. 

She’s leash-trained and housebroken, too! And, boi does she make a great companion on car journeys! She even shares her kennel with another canine, but that’s not a problem for Panini!

This Pittie Lab mix loves everything and everyone, but for some unknown reason, people keep avoiding her, and she still remains homeless.

To avoid this major injustice, her caregivers decided to give Panini the opportunity to see what real family life looks like from the inside.

dog standing by the gate
Source: Heather Kelly

She recently went on a short-term foster vacation, and her temporary family gave her just the best review.

Even though she hasn’t been adopted before, it seems that Panini knows perfectly well what living indoors is all about.

“Panini is a NATURAL family dog. She won my 3 year old over instantly. My almost 1 year old cried when she first approached but her sweet kisses on his fingers made him giggle,” the rescue reported.

There’s Still Hope

woman kissing the dog
Source: Heather Kelly

Recently, Panini went to a new foster home. With her new foster mom, Heather Kelly, she takes on new adventures on a daily basis.

Heather just can’t believe that a dog this nice and friendly couldn’t find a home by now. Aside from Panini’s natural affection toward everyone, she’s also kid-friendly and makes a great babysitter!

“Panini is getting a much needed break from the shelter. She’s been overlooked for too long. She’s dog and kid friendly. Please share so we can find her a loving home,” Heather wrote on Facebook.

dog lying down
Source: Heather Kelly

Even though she hasn’t found her pawfect family yet, everybody hopes Panini will get her chance soon. 

She’s everything you need in a dog. From being a lap dog who enjoys cuddles on lazy Sunday afternoons to the adventurer who’ll gladly accompany you on your outings – she can do it all!

It is safe to say that Panini is the full package

When the time is right, I’m absolutely positive that she’ll find her ideal hoomans. For now, all she needs is one chance!