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The Only Pup Who Was Not Adopted In The Shelter Finally Smiles After Meeting Someone Special

The Only Pup Who Was Not Adopted In The Shelter Finally Smiles After Meeting Someone Special

There are so many strays and abandoned dogs out there, and not all of them are lucky to find a forever home right away. Because of that, the shelter is often the only place where they can be safe and sound and be provided with all they need for a normal life. 

Unfortunately, although it gives them a temporary roof over their head, the shelter is not the ideal place for canines. The food, water, and warm bed are all essential, but these beings live for hugs and bonding with their beloved human.  

The story of one puppy who was left alone just one night in the scariest place in his life is the best testimony to that. To make matters worse, all his siblings, as well as his mother, were adopted that day, but his adopter never showed up. 

However, he didn’t lose hope, and the very next day, he was welcomed by the sweetest surprise. 

The Scariest Night In His Life

adorable puppy adopted from shelter
Source: @cmhspets

On March 30, 2024, the Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS), under the username @cmhspets, posted a heartbreaking TikTok video about a poor puppy left in their shelter in Columbia, Missouri. 

“I got brought into a scary place yesterday with my siblings…” it is stated in the video. “People came to meet us, and we all had homes lined up,[but] when I woke up, they were gone… and my adopter couldn’t take me home anymore.”

The video shows a nine-month-old Corgy puppy named Dimitri whose whole family, including his siblings and mother, got adopted that same day, while he was left behind

puppy on the blanket
Source: @cmhspets 

Considering their highly sought-after breed, it was not a surprise for the shelter employees that most of them were able to find their forever homes so quickly. Still, poor Dimitri wasn’t that lucky as his adopters gave up adoption for unknown reasons. 

“His adopters never showed up and did not inform us that they were no longer adopting which led to Dimitri having to spend the night in the shelter,” Camryn Long, content coordinator for CMHS, told Newsweek

It was the scariest night in Dimitri’s life, but this poor baby had no choice but to endure with the help of good people in the shelter and hope for a better tomorrow. 


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Happiest Ending 

The next morning, Dimitri woke up in the same shelter in Columbia, Missouri. He already started to adjust to his new reality – a life in a dark place without his dear mother and the people who would give him unconditional love. 

But, just when he thought that was it and that there was no more hope, a miracle happened. The situation developed so that Dimitri became the happiest dog among his siblings that day – he was reunited with the one he loved the most. 

dogs on the car seat
Source: @cmhspets 

“The next day, once the adopters of the mom heard that one of the puppies’ adopters never showed up, they decided to adopt Dimitri and the mom, Olga, together!” Long happily stated. 

Long also said that the owner changed Dimitris’s name to Ollie and that Olga became Lola, adding that they were doing great in their new home. 

Although there was nothing to indicate it at the beginning, this was truly the happiest possible ending. After that scary night in the shelter, Dimitri, now Ollie, definitely deserved this happy moment. 


Replying to @cmhspets We have a happy ending!! And, just for some added info, we do not keep puppies with their moms when they come into the shelter. This is because of all the germs and bacteria the mom dog can pick up from the floors around the kennel and the outside areas. We don’t want those coming back into the puppies living space and making the pups susceptible to preventable diseases. We know it seems sad but this is why it’s so important to get puppies out of the shelter ASAP. If you’re looking for the next pup to add to your household check out 💚 #columbiamo #humanesociety #centralmissourihumanesociety #adoption #dog #puppy #share #adopt

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Many Melted Hearts

As mentioned earlier in the text, CMHS shared this heartwarming story with their TikTok followers and melted many hearts. Both videos, especially the first one, caused numerous reactions.

social network comments
Source: @cmhspets 


Another added: “all I ever do is cry on this app.”

And, the third quipped: “My heart broke seeing his little face but that happy smile he has reassured me!!”

This is a story that definitely inspires and teaches us that we should never lose hope, even when the night is the longest and darkest. But, at the same time, it shows us what just one scary night means to our best furry friends. 

Unfortunately, there are so many of them for whom it’s an eternity, and we, who can help them, should not turn a blind eye to it.