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Once Abandoned Pit Bull Now Living The Best Life Making Senior Citizens Happy

Once Abandoned Pit Bull Now Living The Best Life Making Senior Citizens Happy

There are already numerous sad stories about heartlessly abandoned dogs and it sometimes seems that there is no end to it. Although that is true, good people who bring happy endings to those poor beings are always able to restore our faith in a brighter future. 

This is exactly the case with today’s story, which begins with one poor Pit Bull who was heartlessly abandoned in Weequahic Park in Newark, New Jersey, on one cold January day. Not long after that, police officers found him and brought him to a local shelter. 

Although it was one of the saddest moments for this poor Pittie, little did he know that it would change his life forever – all thanks to good souls who care. 

Happy To Be Safe

Paulie, a four-year-old Pit Bull who was abandoned in the park that day, didn’t spend much time in the local shelter because they soon brought him to the Associated Humane Societies’ Popcorn Park Shelter in Forked River, New Jersey.

As soon as Paulie came to their premises, everything was clear to Sandra Hickman, one of their employees. According to Newsweek, she said that “Weequahic Park has become known as a place where unwanted pets are abandoned, and Paulie was sadly the latest on that list.”

Although she thought it would be entirely different, it seemed that there was still a lot of hope in this dog’s eyes and that his spirit wasn’t broken. Sandra said that “he wasn’t loud or anxious in the kennel, and just seemed happy to be warm and safe.”

Because of his “easy-going temperament” and the fact that the shelter staff immediately fell in love with him, his days in the shelter were surprisingly good. He spent six weeks there until Sandra and other employees managed to find him a forever home. 

On March 8, 2024, Paulie set off on his way to a new home and the happiest moments of his life could begin. These great people were determined to ensure a brighter future for him and they eventually succeeded. 

Making Everyone Smile

Just like was the case when he came to the shelter in Forked River, New Jersey, Paulie instantly bonded with his new family. It was truly love at first sight and delight and happiness for both sides. 

“He settled in very quickly and it’s as if he has been with this family his whole life. He gets along with everyone, from infants to the elderly, and everyone that meets him just loves him. Paulie and his family are a perfect match,” Sandra stated. 

A Facebook post published by the shelter staff on April 10, 2024 only confirmed this.

“The day that Paulie was abandoned in a city park must have been a very sad day for him but little did he know…..that was the greatest day of his life.  Why??  It led him to this!” they wrote. 

They passed on the message of his new owner, who confirmed that Paulie was indeed a special dog. However, what amazed him most was Paulie’s special relationship with his 16-year-old daughter, and especially with the senior citizens that he cared for.

“I take him to work with me, I work with senior citizens, and when I tell you, he puts a smile on their face for the four hours that I’m there. I don’t know who loves it more, them or him.” the owner happily concluded. 

In the end, there is nothing much to add because everything has already been said in this beautiful story. There remains only happiness because of the good people who can change the darkest beginning into the happiest ending only with their great deeds.