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84-Year-Old Woman Was Shocked When Her Son’s Dog Gave Birth To 10 Puppies So She Called For Help

84-Year-Old Woman Was Shocked When Her Son’s Dog Gave Birth To 10 Puppies So She Called For Help

If there is one thing no one is prepared for when adopting dogs, it’s actually taking care of them. I know, it sounds quite crazy.

How can someone not be ready for this kind of responsibility? Usually, it’s because taking in a small puppy comes with all sorts of problems that need to be addressed.

Some of those are nutrition, medication, and toys. While it seems simple, people can get overwhelmed sometimes, especially when they are busy.

This old lady took care of her son’s dog and noticed that the dog was pregnant. What she did not expect was that this mama dog would give birth to 10 puppies. It was at that point that she realized she needed help.

A Call For Help

After the old woman notified Stray Rescue of St. Louis, they decided to help her. The rescuer drove to her house where she was eagerly waiting for them.

She led her inside and showed her where the kennel was. Even though she knew what was about to happen, she was still surprised.

There was a worried mama dog and her ten puppies inside a kennel. She was visibly upset by seeing the rescuer as she didn’t know if she was a threat.

The old woman explained to the rescuer the whole situation and told her how she was not fit to take care of this many puppies.

They needed proper help and she was not able to provide it for them. Because the mama was rightfully worried for her puppies, she did not ease down immediately.

The rescuer had to get her away from the babies so she could place them all in a box and transport them to the vehicle.

While she was able to do that, she quickly examined all of them and realized that they were all mostly healthy and were going to be okay.

It was amazing to see how well this old woman was able to take care of them until help arrived. She is really amazing.

They Have Found A Foster

mother dog and newborn puppies
Source: Kristin Marie

Right after that, they were reunited with their mom, who was very anxious even though she was separated from them for a few moments.

The rescuer noted how clean she was and how well she was taking care of the puppies. This also explains how all 10 of them are so healthy.

She let them settle down for a bit and then took them all back to the St. Louis shelter, where they started looking for a foster family.

Because the puppies are still so young, they would do well in a temporary home where they can grow up and just learn how to enjoy their lives until they are ready for adoption.

mother dog feeding newborns
Source: Kristin Marie

Soon enough, a woman volunteered to foster them. This was such great news for them as this ensured that they would all grow up in a good environment.

After being taken in, the puppies are living their best lives with an amazing foster mom who will take care of them until they find their forever home.

While it’s uncertain what happens next and if they were adopted yet, I am content with the fact that they are all taken care of and are spending quality time with their mom.