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Officers Found 25 Abandoned Pups Inside A Stolen Truck And True Mission Begun

Officers Found 25 Abandoned Pups Inside A Stolen Truck And True Mission Begun

People mostly have a divided opinion when it comes to police officers and their work. Although often contested for many things, sometimes justified and sometimes not, people in uniform often show their big heart. 

Such a thing happened on Thanksgiving day when the officers from Oregon State Police (OSP) received a call about a suspicious vehicle at the Love’s Truck Stop in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

They found out that a U-Haul truck, which had been reported stolen, was left stranded in the parking lot for about two days. 

But, what surprised them the most when they arrived at the scene was the considerable amount of barking coming from the vehicle. 

Officers Showed Their Great Hearts 

When the officers secured the place and managed to come close to the vehicle, they were shocked at the sight of the large number of pups they found inside.

One of the troopers who looked inside found seven cages containing as many as 15 abandoned dogs, including puppies. Subsequently, they managed to find 10 more dogs, which meant that there were a total of 25 pups in the truck. 

According to an Oregon State Police Facebook post, the dogs were severely neglected, but fortunately, they were all found alive. They also stated that the dogs were abandoned three days ago. 

The troopers immediately went into action. First, they contacted the Klamath County Animal Shelter, with whom they agreed to take further care of the dogs.

After they solved that problem, they threw themselves into their part of the job – finding the people responsible for this hideous act. 

According to American laws, neglect and abandonment of dogs fall under animal cruelty acts, and it is a punishable offense. Due to that fact, these police officers had every right to act according to the law.

In the end, they were successful, as they quickly managed to find two perpetrators – a man and a woman, and bring them to court.

This time, justice was served!

Calls Were Coming From Everywhere

The OSP shared the story with the public a little later on their Facebook profile and posted adorable pictures of police officers with puppies, which attracted a lot of attention in the comments below.

However, what people were most interested in was the condition in which the dogs were. One of the puppies tested positive for Canine parvovirus (or parvo) – a highly contagious viral infection in dogs that can be fatal if not quickly and properly treated.

The people from the Animal Shelter put all the other dogs in quarantine, so that the disease wouldn’t spread. They also did everything in their power to cure the little one, so he could be fine. 

We left the best news for the end. As the health condition of these dogs is getting better and better every day, they should soon be completely medically clear and ready for adoption.

Mostly, thanks to the police from Oregon who shared this event with the public, there was no shortage of calls for adoption and people arrived from all parts of the country. So, we do not doubt that all the little ones will soon meet their happy endings.

Justice was served. The dogs are healthy. Soon, everyone will have a new home. What more could we ask for? 

The only thing left to do is thank the police officers for their service. The brave men in uniform, despite the stereotypes, once again proved that they, too, have a big heart and that their difficult profession deserves all the respect.