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Obese Pit Bull Undergoes A Life-Changing Transformation

Obese Pit Bull Undergoes A Life-Changing Transformation

There are quite a few things that baffle me all the time when seeing other dog owners. Neglect is bad, of course, but what do you do when you see a morbidly obese dog?

I just have so many questions running in my head. How could someone let that happen to the poor animal? Do they not know that they can’t even walk properly or do anything but eat?

In this story, we will talk about an obese dog who desperately needed to go on a diet, and how she transformed on her journey.

A Serious Challenge

woman checking fat pittie
Source: Youtube

When Margo first arrived at Kellie’s home in Arizona, she just couldn’t believe how obese this dog was and how much she was suffering, even on the outside.

She could barely walk, and she was struggling with even the most simple tasks, so she really needed some help.

Kellie told The Dodo: “My first reaction was, seeing her so obese, that she would not ever get adopted.”

As her foster, she made an important decision to help Margo lose at least 50 pounds, so she could be around the normal weight.

huge pit bull in the car
Source: Youtube

The journey started and Kellie noticed just how much she struggled to stand up every time. They went on regular walks, even early in the morning.

This would help her lose weight in a healthy way, much faster, and it’s also important for her to enjoy just doing simple things.

However, it wasn’t always easy to get her to go on walks. Kellie said: “I didn’t think she was always up for the challenge.”

It wasn’t easy to get Margo interested in playing with other dogs or even toys, as that required a lot of movement and she still couldn’t move very well.

Margo’s Amazing Progress

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Source: Youtube

However, Kellie did notice that she started changing month by month and her mood was improving drastically.

She had much more energy for going on walks now and was even starting to enjoy it herself a bit.

With each passing month, Margo was making amazing progress and the journey was worth it. Seeing her get better day by day was really amazing for Kellie.

After almost a year of incredible effort and patience, this sweet dog has now reached the desired weight, and is 55 pounds. 

This is incredible, considering that she was 120 pounds before, and it’s just baffling to think how much she has changed in such a short amount of time.

smiling woman with dogs sitting
Source: Youtube

Now, it was time to do something very important for her. The shelter from Arizona needed to place her on an adoption list, so she could find a new home.

Kellie said: “After I wrote up a little blurb as to what Margo’s perfect home would be, I just couldn’t do it.”

It was at that moment that she decided that Margo belonged with her, and she is already in her forever home.

Kellie signed the adoption papers soon after that and it was finalized. Margo was more than happy to be where she already was.

She continues by saying: “I’m proud of all the work she’s done that we’ve done together. She is now officially part of the pack.”

It’s amazing just how much she has changed and showing it every day. Her family is just so happy to have her in their lives.