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Dog nutrition is more than just feeding your dog a balanced diet. It’s also about ensuring your dog is healthy, happy and well-fed. Learn about the basics of dog nutrition and what you should and should not be feeding your dog.

green fresh edamame in a bowl

Can Dogs Eat Edamame Beans? The Risks And Health Benefits

Discover the possible health benefits and the potential hazards of feeding your dog edamame beans.

humus in a bowl

Can Dogs Eat Hummus? A Definitive Answer To All Your Questions

A definitive guide to whether hummus is safe for dogs, along with tips to give your dog a healthy, happy life.

dog eats a banana on the floor

Can Dogs Eat Plantains? Hereโ€™s Everything You Need To Know!

Are plantains okay for your dog to eat, or are they harmful? Find all the answers and information here!

dog turned his head away from the food

Can Dogs Eat Basil? Letโ€™s Sprinkle The Truth!

Is this herb really that good for your dog? Let's learn about the benefits that this herb / spice brings along.

the dog eats the shell

Can Dogs Eat Scallops? Or Is Seafood Bad News For Dogs?

A handy guide to the benefits and risks of feeding your dog scallops, with tips to help you make the right choice.

fresh jicama in a bowl

Can Dogs Eat Jicama? Is This A Healthy Treat?

Is this root vegetable good or bad for my dog? Let's learn about the numerous benefits of Mexican jam!

Jack Russell sits next to a chestnut pot and looks up

Can Dogs Eat Chestnuts? Health Advice For Worried Dog Owners

Find out if chestnuts are harmful to dogs in our no-nonsense guide, with tips for concerned dog owners.

cut sauerkraut in a jar

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut? The Facts About Dogs And Fermented Food

An essential guide to the health benefits and hidden dangers of including fermented foods in your dogโ€™s diet.

the little dog holds the pepper in his mouth

Dogs And Spices: Can Dogs Eat Paprika?

Is paprika as healthy for dogs as it is for humans? Read on to learn everything you definitely didn't know about this popular spice.

dog is sitting in a poppy field

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? The Effects Of Poppy Seeds On Dogs

The real dangers of alkaloids and opiates in poppy seeds and poppy plants that can seriously harm your dog's health. Learn more about the effects of poppy seeds on dogs!

Homemade bagels with salmon and onion

Can Dogs Eat Bagels? The Dangers Of Feeding Human Food To Your Dog

What dangers lurk in our favorite snack foods that could harm our furry friends? The answers may surprise you.

Fig Cookies on wooden surface

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons? Advice For Concerned Dog Owners

Check out our friendly, common-sense guide with advice on whether fig newtons are harmful to dogs.

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