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Nobody Wanted To Adopt This 3-Legged Pittie And The Reason Is Really Heartbreaking

Nobody Wanted To Adopt This 3-Legged Pittie And The Reason Is Really Heartbreaking

Rescuing or adopting a dog who has special needs or has some form of disability is one of the most heroic things a person can do.

Despite the hardships they have to overcome throughout their lives, they are still our lovable furry friends, and they deserve a loving home.

Nothing should deprive them of this. But, the reality is different and the cold truth is that people always avoid dogs who have disabilities.

While it doesn’t have to be like that, it’s certainly the case for Ranch, the three-legged dog who receives no visitors but only wants to find a loving family. 

Ranch’s Background

shelter dog lying on green pillow
Source: TikTok

When Ranch was first found by animal control, she was just a stray dog wandering around the streets of California.

She was then transferred to Valley Animal Center, in Fresno, where she stayed for a long time because she was unable to find a home.

When the doctors at the center first met her, they realized that she had a congenital deformity on one of her legs, and it was best that they amputate it.

three legged dog
Source: Petfinder

While it’s a horrible thing to think about, it was absolutely necessary for her well-being as it inhibited her movement and caused other problems as well.

Ruben Cantu, who works at the center, told Newsweek: “Our doctors felt that it was in the best interest of Ranch to amputate the leg as it would potentially cause more mobility or growth issues in the future.

Despite having only three legs now, Ranch has adapted very well. The staff helped her adjust to it every step of the way. 

Cantu Remains Hopeful

photo of three legged dog lying
Source: TikTok

Everyone was so proud of the progress she made and they were confident she would be okay despite her disability.

Cantu continues by saying: “Before her surgery she would attempt to walk with all four paws and would typically trip and fall over, now she moves around much better and is healing great.

The staff was confident that she would receive some potential visitors or adopters.

A volunteer working for the shelter in California posted a video about Ranch and noted that she has had no visitors since she arrived, which was so heartbreaking.

While she is very lovable and sweet in every way, a lot of people just can’t see themselves adopting a three-legged dog.

Even though she is still looking for a forever home, Cantu remains optimistic about her prospects.

He said: “I am hopeful that she will find a home quickly, but I think her biggest hinder is that she will be a large breed dog who is considered disabled. There may be extra care that arises in the future as she ages.

While her situation may seem a bit concerning, Ranch is in the care of some truly amazing people who are working around the clock to help her find a family and lead a normal life.