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Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Depressed Senior Pup Until She Came Along

Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Depressed Senior Pup Until She Came Along

Original Good Boy, or OGB for short, was an eight-year-old pup who was surrendered to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC, before being transferred to St Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

He spent his days in the New Jersey shelter, hoping that a loving hooman would take him into a loving home. Unfortunately, time went by, and nobody noticed this sweet boy.

OGB started losing hope, but then everything changed when he met her!

One Interesting Pup

When a 70-year-old woman named Susan Wright visited the New Jersey shelter just before Christmas, she did not plan to fall in love with a senior pup.

“We were walking around looking at the fur babies when I noticed one dog had his back to the door ignoring all attempts to engage him,” Wright told Newsweek.

Wright also added that initially, she didn’t really think that OGB looked particularly ‘cute’ as he had the face of a very serious dog with “a square head of a bulldog and the compact muscular body of a terrier or pit bull”.

However, when she heard that he spent so many days in the shelter and had completely given up hope, Wright’s heart broke completely.

OGB’s previous owner, who gave him this unique name, loved this sweet pup with all his heart. But unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstances, he was forced to surrender him to the shelter.

As soon as the shelter staff met this incredible boy, they knew they were going to have a lot of fun with him.  

“He couldn’t get enough love, belly rubs, and scratches. And when he gets really pleased, he does an adorable little ‘happy dance’,” St Hubert’s staff member Diane Ashton told Newsweek.

Ashton explained that compared to the shelter’s other dogs, OGB was quieter and much more reserved in his kennel, which may be the reason why he wasn’t immediately noticed by potential adopters.

But, when Wright met OGB, she decided to take him out on little field trips that included walking around the neighborhood, playing in the park, and going out for puppacinos!

“We had a slightly rocky start as I knew nothing about how to walk a dog, especially a strong dog. OGB wouldn’t look at me or listen to me. I noticed he did not ‘see’ women, but men he paid very close attention to ands particularly those in a large SUV or truck. He also didn’t react to children,” Wright said.

But, when Wright understood that OGB’s previous owner was most likely a male who regularly ran or jogged, she decided to hire a trainer to help the two of them get to know each other a bit better.

This incredible plan worked like a charm, helping them create a strong bond between them.

“When my daughters discovered what I was doing, they wanted to go on a walk with OGB. They loved him on sight and thought he was quite handsome. It felt a little like introducing a date to them,” Wright said.

New Chapter In Life

One day, Wright received information that somebody was interested in adopting OGB. It was at this moment that she realized that she was unable to say goodbye to this sweet boy.

That is why she decided to adopt him!

“I had made a promise I wouldn’t leave him until he was adopted. If he was with me, he would always be in a good home. If I described the dog I would have chosen, he probably wouldn’t look like OGB, and he probably wouldn’t be as old. But I also probably wouldn’t have thought about the traits that make OGB a wonderful housemate and who has (almost) always been well-behaved,” she stated.

OGB, who now goes by Ogee, is finally a part of a loving family.

He immediately settled into his new home and even started to show off his loving and gentle nature.

Wright shared one instance where, as her daughter was taking him on a walk, they came across a little boy who fell off his bike and injured his wrist.

When Wright’s daughter called the boy’s mother, Ogee lay between her legs allowing the boy to pet him as he gently licked his injured wrist.

“Would all dogs do that, I don’t know. But we think it makes Ogee very special,” Wright stated.

It is so heartwarming to see just how big of an impact a forever home can make on a pup’s life.

Ogee transformed from a reserved, sad pup to a senior doggo with puppy energy.

He loves spending his days with his new family, showering them with love and adoration with every passing second!