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No One Wanted To Adopt This Black Dog Because Of His ‘Undesirable Color’

No One Wanted To Adopt This Black Dog Because Of His ‘Undesirable Color’

All dogs deserve to be loved no matter what color their coat is. Sadly, many of these four-legged creatures are getting constantly overlooked at shelters just because their fur isn’t “fashionable” enough.

The same happened to Rick, the dog that spent two months in a rescue center in Austin, Texas, hoping that someone would give him a chance.

This black boi was stuck in a crate day in and day out due to a space crisis, getting only a few breaks a day where he could freely run and walk. Every day, Rick experienced a mini heartbreak, and his hopes were slowly fading away. 

But, then, a miracle happened!

67 Days At A Shelter

Rick Ross the Boss Dawg, as he’s now known, arrived at Austin Animal Center as an abandoned dog. According to a random passerby, he was cruelly dumped from his owner’s car and then left on the street.

His owners who abandoned him just drove off, leaving the dog scared and all alone in this world. Thankfully, the person who saw this act of cruelty brought the dog to the facility.

“The people took him out of the car and just drove off,” Friends of Austin Animal Center wrote on Facebook.

Kate Parker Duhon, one of the volunteers at the Center, immediately fell in love with this sweet boi and decided to foster him. Unfortunately, soon after he got into the new home, Rick was diagnosed with CCL tears and he needed surgery on both knees.

Kate had no second thoughts about Rick. From the moment she saw him, she knew deep inside that he was indeed a special boi. And, he was only overlooked at the shelter because of his coat color.

“I remember another volunteer saying he’s so good and there’s been no interest. And that’s when I learned about something like the black dog syndrome, where black dogs spend up to four times longer in shelters,” Kate told GeoBeats Animals.

She went through this physically draining process with him, took care of him around the clock, and eventually, Rick Ross the Boss Dawg felt so much better!

He received hydrotherapy treatments for some time after surgery, but eventually, he completely recovered.

Before going to Kate’s home, Rick was fostered, but he was soon returned because of his reactive behavior. 

That’s why Kate knew that she needed to give Rick time and space to adapt. And, when he got what he truly needed – he left the whole family in awe!

Instead of being an insecure, reactive doggo, Rick transformed into the gentlest pet, ever! He warmed up to the family so much, appreciating every hug and pet on the head.

He acclimated into Kate’s home so well, as if he’d been there this entire time.

The Sweetest Foster Fail

In no time, Rick became the family’s sweetheart, and Kate knew – he must be a foster fail!

Even though she already had two rescue dogs, Booker and Honeypot, she and her family couldn’t stand the idea of letting Rick go. So, he stayed – for good!

His true personality came out and Rick became this lazy, calm doggo that ran the whole house. He really enjoys every moment around his hoomans and dog siblings. And, he is absolutely the perfect companion on daily walks.

Kate and the family were so grateful to be able to show Rick what love felt like. After all he had been through, he finally deserved to be happy. And, with his little family, there’s no doubt that he is!

“He is really open to getting all the pets he can possibly get. I love him so much and I just think he’s done so much for me and he’s done a lot for my family,” says Kate.

Today, Rick has a blast in his Austin home, and it is safe to say that he’s nothing but a furry, pawesome king of his amazing home.

Check out Rick Ross the Boss Dawg’s Instagram for more of his adventures!