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Newfoundland or Newfie is a massive and powerful working dog that has a very sweet-tempered and loving nature which makes him a perfect “nanny dog” for children. 

black newfoundland dog standing in the autumn park

Newfoundland Lifespan And Health Overview (What You Need To Know)

Is this a healthy breed? You can find out how to help your Newfie live a long and healthy life here.

newfoundland holding a branch in mouth

Newfoundland Growth Chart: Do They Ever Stop Growing?

Unravel the mystery of this giant breed’s growth rate: Do they ever stop growing? Find out here!

a black Newfoundland stands on a tree in the forest

9 Newfoundland Colors With Pictures: Choose Your Favorite!

There are more to standard Newfoundland colors. Check out some of the most beautiful and unique Newfoundland coat colors that will blow your mind!

woman petting her newfoundland

22 Amazing Newfoundland Mixes: Meet The Hairy Giants

Make some space because here is a big list of the greatest Newfoundland mixes. Meet some of the biggest puppies in the dog world.

young girl with a newfoundland dog

Ultimate Newfoundland Feeding Chart + Food Choices & Tips

Here is the only feeding chart you will ever need. Comprehensive food dosages for your Newfoundland puppy to grow into a hero and much more.

landseer vs standard newfoundland

European Vs The Standard Landseer Newfoundland

The mysterious Landseer Newfoundland! Is this a whole other breed or just the name of the color they come in? Everything you need to know is right here.