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This Newborn Puppy Was Struggling A Lot Until Het Met A New Friend

This Newborn Puppy Was Struggling A Lot Until Het Met A New Friend

Just recently, I found myself reading a story about a group of lost puppies who struggle to survive on their own, but remain together regardless.

When you think about it for a second, their loyalty to each other, even so early on in life, is truly beautiful. It is a virtue that is often undervalued, but it shouldn’t be.

They are truly one of the purest beings in this world and we can learn so much from them. 

In this story, we will talk about a newborn puppy who almost didn’t make it until he met his new friend. 

9-Hour-Old Dog

newborn puppy
Source: YouTube

When Barnabus was taken in by Road Dogs and Rescue, in California, he was only 9 hours old and it was the most difficult start to life anyone can have.

He was born with a cleft palate and it made eating really hard for him. However, his rescuers did not give up, even for a second.

They did their best by tube-feeding and constantly watching over him to make sure he was okay.

Barnabus was first given to their care when they received a call from a person who said that the breeder didn’t want him, so they asked if shelter workers could help.

To help him have the best chance of surviving, the puppy was taken into foster care by a woman named Laura, from California.

A New Best Friend

little puppy sleeping
Source: YouTube

The same day Barnabus was taken in, Laura also received a call about someone else. It was a small kitten named Broccoli.

She agreed to help her as well, and that made the task twice as difficult. She told The Dodo: She was just tiny and really weak and they were afraid she was just gonna fade.

Despite having twice the work now, Laura did her best. She still had to keep tube-feeding Barnabus, even though his chances of survival were less than 50%.

Because they are small, any contact from other animals or humans is good, so she placed Barnabus and Broccoli together and the two were inseparable from that point onward.

The two would spend time cuddling and napping together almost all the time, and even playing every once in a while.

Laura said: I would say that Broccoli was absolutely a catalyst in his survival. 

An Amazing Recovery

girl holding her puppy
Source: YouTube

As Barnabus continued to grow up, his personality started shining through and he became ‘the wild one’. 

He really loved the attention he received from Laura, and he would demand it daily. Whenever he would have any needs, he made sure to let her know by barking or howling.

To make it all even better, Broccoli is always there for Barnabus, and also their new dog sibling, Ellery.

She was a special dog because of an unusual problem she had. Laura said: I’ve been involved in rescue for 15 years and I’ve never seen a 5-legged dog.

cute newborn white puppy
Source: YouTube

As time went on, Ellery would also make friends with Barnabus, and the two would play together all the time while Broccoli was always there to take care of them.

The trio of Barnabus, Broccoli, and Elleri was just adorable and they got along so well together.

While we don’t know who adopted them in the end, it’s clear that they have found someone amazing, and I have no doubt that their new owners love and care for them.