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Newborn Puppy Abandoned Because Of His Deformed Leg Finally Finds Hope When He Is Rescued

Newborn Puppy Abandoned Because Of His Deformed Leg Finally Finds Hope When He Is Rescued

It’s always incredibly sad to see how some newborn puppies are treated by their owners. While it’s rare, some of them are born with a deformity or develop a disability.

However, that is not any excuse to treat them like they’re worthless. Every puppy, regardless of his condition, has a lot of love to give, and the only thing they want is a chance to show it.

This poor dog was born with a deformed leg, which immediately meant that he was going to be rejected by his owners, so they cruelly left him on the streets.

However, things were not so gloomy for the pup, as his cries were heard by someone who wanted to help.

A Difficult Struggle

guy feeding newborn puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

After a woman made a call to a group of rescuers about a puppy who needed help, they went to help immediately.

They found him pretty quickly and did an examination. He had quite a few burns on his paws and was a bit dehydrated.

One of his legs was mostly numb, and the others weren’t doing much better, but there were signs that he could recover.

Other than that, he didn’t seem to have any major health issues. Regardless, it was not the time to relax, as he was a newborn and would need constant surveillance in order to grow.

woman and newborn puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

They also had to take him to the Collier Animal Hospital in Georgia for a proper examination so they could determine how to treat his legs.

The vet consulted with other specialists in order to figure out treatment for his legs, and they came up with a viable therapy.

After a few days, it worked. The puppy, now named Creek, was showing a lot more movement in his front legs and his rescuer was working hard to help him as well.

Journey To A New Life

puppy and stick
Source: Animal Rescue

He was doing a lot better, but there was still a long way to go. They had to take him for another examination to see if they could come up with a better solution for one of his legs that was still a bit numb.

They decided to try out a new splint to help his leg move in the right direction. While there was no guarantee that it would work, it was worth the shot.

Creek was a lot happier now and was starting to change pretty fast. The therapy has done wonders for his condition, and it’s really amazing to see such a visible change in him.

puppy walking on the street
Source: Animal Rescue

His rescuer and the vets also thought it would be a good idea to wrap him up in order to train his hips and lower extremities to face in the proper direction.

Soon enough, Creek would make a new friend named Bosley. He was always so happy to play with him and his tail would wag constantly when the two were together.

After a little over a month of treatment, a kind woman from Georgia learned of Creek’s story and decided to adopt this adorable puppy herself.

dog and puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

She naturally continues his treatment and is updating his rescuers on his progress almost all the time. Even though he still wobbles, the improvement is astounding.

He is moving around a lot better now and is so determined to lead the life he always wanted. Thanks to his new family, that is now possible.

It’s really amazing to see how this innocent puppy was able to turn his situation around, thanks to his own perseverance and the help of some amazing people. I wish him and his family all the best.