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Neighbors Shocked To See Two Furry Babies Locked On The Rooftop, Begging For Food And Help

Neighbors Shocked To See Two Furry Babies Locked On The Rooftop, Begging For Food And Help

It’s hard to believe that there are people who treat their dogs in any way other than with love. Yet so many of our furry friends don’t have a nice treatment, or families who make sure they have the best life possible.

Many owners take their four-legged companions for granted and even subject them to the most horrific abuse and neglect. They leave them outside, chain them, deny them proper food, or leave them to fend for themselves for good.

One such case was recorded by the camera of kind neighbors who spotted two desperate pups trapped on the rooftop of a building with no way out. 

Locked and deprived of food, the pups spent days begging for help until, finally, the help arrived!

Locked With No Way Out

two dogs on rooftop
Source: Paws Show

When a woman from the neighborhood spotted the two pups pacing nervously on the rooftop, she immediately stopped in her tracks.

She knew that they didn’t have any food or water there, and, to her surprise, there was no hooman with them, either. They were completely by themselves, figuring out the way to stay alive without basic necessities.

As it turned out, they were abandoned there, and their owner was long gone. 

close-up view of two dogs
Source: Paws Show

Even though the woman was a bit further away from them, she did her best to throw them some food from her window. And, the pups gladly accepted it!

Even with so little, they seemed extremely grateful for her kindness. 

Their sparkling eyes stared in her direction, waiting for more. But this giant-hearted hero, along with other rescuers, knew that there was something more important than just temporarily satisfying their hunger.

That’s when they called the police.

Finally, Freedom

Officers arrived at the spot in record time, and they immediately proceeded with the rescue mission. 

As soon as they approached the pups on the rooftops, these two furry babies melted in their arms, relieved to be rescued.

photo of two rescued dogs
Source: Paws Show

After being subjected to initial vet exams, they were provided with food and TLC at a shelter. 

Then, they got a much-needed bath and had their matted coats groomed. During the first week, they were extremely timid and trembled every time their caregivers would touch them. 

It was clear that the pups weren’t socialized at all, and the hoomans let them go at their own pace. After only a week, they felt like brand-new dogs!

rescued dog in a shirt
Source: Paws Show

As it turned out, all it took for them to feel better was love. And, when they finally received it, their playful, gentle side surfaced, showing how pawesome they really are. 

One thing is for sure. The pups won’t be returning to that rooftop anymore, as they are now on their way to finding a loving home and a family who’ll love them unconditionally. After all they have been through, they surely deserve it!