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Neglected Rescue Dog Gets Her First Toy And It’s Gut-Wrenching 

Neglected Rescue Dog Gets Her First Toy And It’s Gut-Wrenching 

They thought she was a senior. 

Her matted coat covered in tangles, scabs, wounds, and mange told them she was an older gal. The sorrow in her eyes screamed she went through a lot.

Katie’s whole behavior yelled at the world that she needed a break from everything. She was so tired of constantly being rejected, hurt, and not worthy. 

Just when she thought she had gone even further than rock bottom, an angel savior showed up. All hopes weren’t lost after all.

Rocky Kanaka jumped in, once again, and saved this lost soul. 

This is a story you have to read.

This is Katie’s story.

Hiding In The Corner, Scared Of The World

cute and big white dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Just imagine what this girl went through when she shivers and shakes hiding in the corner. The world has betrayed her. Her humans have shattered her poor dog’s soul into pieces. 

Katie was left deeply heartbroken, and she wasn’t even that old to go through it all.

At first glance, Katie seemed like a senior dog with all her terrible coat, slow and cautious movements, and pain in her eyes. However, when Rocky took another look, he realized this sweet girl was a young dog. At the time of her rescue, Katie was just a little over her first year of life. 

She was in such a horrible condition!

A good Samaritan found Katie roaming the streets, searching for a way out of her terrible destiny. She had no ID tags. She wasn’t microchipped either. Katie was a nobody belonging to nobody. She was all alone.

When Rocky Kanaka, the famous pet rescue advocate, first saw Katie, he knew he needed a different approach with this dog. Anything could scare her and make her close into her little cocoon. 

So, Rocky did what he does best: he sat down with the dog. 

guy and dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

The next step was crucial. How do you build trust with a dog that doesn’t trust humans anymore?

Katie lost her faith in humanity a long time ago. Could it be restored with a simple gesture such as giving treats?

Of course, it can!

Rocky offered Katie some yummy treats, and she couldn’t say no. A person that hands out food just because can’t be bad. 

“I’m here for you, and I’m not going anywhere,” said Rocky in his viral testimony. 

And, he sat there next to Katie, handing out treat sticks and building trust one bite at a time.

It didn’t take too long for Katie to relax.

What’s That Incredible Sound?

owner and white dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

It was the sound of happiness! The sound of freedom and her new life.

Katie never heard such a lovely sound before.

Where does it come from? What was that?

And then… she saw it!

unicorn toy and dog
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Her first toy!

Rocky asked the crew behind the camera to hand him the cutest unicorn toy that would be perfect for Katie.

As soon as he started squeaking it and showing it to Katie, she loved it. She was on cloud nine! An incredible amount of joy spread across her face, and Katie was a whole new dog in the blink of an eye. 

That unicorn toy was probably her first one ever.

That unicorn toy woke up a pup inside her.

That unicorn toy told her everything’s gonna be different this time.

The Ultimate Sign Of Trust

cute dog and owner
Source: Rocky Kanaka

If you know at least a bit about dogs, then you know that approaching them and touching them physically is only possible when a dog trusts a human. 

Dogs that are scared or don’t trust humans fully don’t allow anyone to come near them, let alone touch them. 

Rocky felt it was the time to test Katie’s trust. He took a risk and tried scooping her up in his hands, lifting her from the ground. And, guess what? He succeeded! 

white dog and owner
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Rocky successfully picked up Katie, enjoying the moment because she showed that she trusted him. It was amazing!

A completely broken and estranged dog now doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled. Katie’s transformation was fast. 

This poor lost soul blossomed and gained a new friend, probably the first one in her life.

What The Future Holds For Katie

sweet dog and woman
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Katie, the sweet rescue girl, got a new name and a clean sleeve, all ready to find a furever hooman. 

If we look past her scruffy coat and tired gait, Katie is a wonderful dog. Scars will heal, fur will grow back, and energy will return to her body. Katie will be a stunning dog in just a few months, and a little grooming session helped a lot with that.

I bet people will fight over her. I mean, wouldn’t you love to gaze into those gorgeous multicolored eyes every day? I know I would. 

Katie is an enchantress. You’ll fall for her sweet looks and stay for her kindest temperament. 

She could be a Husky mix or she could be an Aussie Shepherd crossbreed. Katie is definitely a unique pup you gotta meet.

Right now, Katie is still looking for a home. Rocky takes good care of her, making sure she really blossoms and shows us her sweet nature. 

Reach out if you believe you could love Katie forever. I know she will love any good human being in return.