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A Neglected Dog Went Through The Biggest Transformation Ever

A Neglected Dog Went Through The Biggest Transformation Ever

When Prue, a rescuer at Mission Pawsible, found puppies on the side of the road, among them was a little puppy who needed some extra attention.

However, after some love and attention, this little puppy went through a major makeover.  

Recovery Journey

newborn white puppy
Source: YouTube

Determined to change the lives of these pups forever, Prue took them to her home and started their journey to recovery.

However, this particular puppy, later named Ella, was, as Prue called her, the runt of the litter and needed a lot of love and attention.

“She really looked like a plucked chicken. She was tiny and frail and weak, but she’s so strong in her personality,” said Prue.

It was obvious that Ella, a very small puppy, had a very big character and was determined to turn her life around.

She was smaller than a wine bottle but she still had this incredible confidence. She was the boss.

Ella was sort of a diva who was very set on her goals, and would even snap back at the dogs who were much bigger than her if they didn’t want to play.

New Home

As soon as Prue introduced this little diva to her friend, Mila, she immediately knew that her house would have an additional member to the family.

“She was just like ‘I’m gonna be included in everything you guys do, and you’ll be carrying me everywhere,” said Mila.

woman carrying a puppy
Source: YouTube

Ella accompanied Mila at her work every single day, sleeping on the desk right next to her computer and reminding Mila to give her little pets every now and then.

I suddenly started seeing the world from her perspective and her size. She was fearless in a lot of ways.

Ella also has a doggo sibling named Jethro who, even though he is a lot bigger than her, she loves bossing him around.

She’s constantly bugging him. It’s really sweet to see that dynamic because he just gives in all the time. I’m pretty sure if he could eyeroll, he would eyeroll.

Jethro seems not only to have a little sister, but also a little shadow. Elle constantly follows him around, reminding him who’s really in charge. And, the best thing is, he doesn’t seem to mind at all!

Ella does run the house. It’s very all about her, and it’s all about how you fit in her life, not how she fits in your life. 

A Brand-new Doggo

two small dogs and an owner playing in the house
Source: YouTube

After living with Ella for a few months, Jethro took his role of being a big brother very seriously.

He lets her go completely wild, playing her little games, and she, in return, adopts all of Jethro’s favorite activities.  

After being in such a loving environment, Ella’s appearance completely changed. Her white fur completely grew back and her shy and fearful personality is nowhere to be seen.

The little fluffy pair have built an unbreakable bond, walking through life, holding paws, and having nothing but everlasting fun.

I’m just grateful for everything she’s brought to my life.