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Neglected Dog Needed High Chair To Be Fed Until His Life Changed Forever

Neglected Dog Needed High Chair To Be Fed Until His Life Changed Forever

Some people just don’t deserve beautiful creatures like dogs in their lives. They prove this by their daily cruel actions towards them.

It is difficult to list all the consequences that this can have on a dog. One of them is certainly impaired health, which can even threaten its life.

One such dog was saved by the good people in today’s story. He was very emaciated and his overall health did not look good either. Despite everything, these people were not going to give up on him so easily.

Poor, Neglected Pup Suffered From A Rare Condition

black and white dog in the house
Source: RSPCA

The poor doggo, named Patch, was handed over to a vet practice weighing just 21.6 pounds, which is an extremely low weight for a Pit Bull. He was severely emaciated and all of his ribs were visible. 

There was also another problem that made it much more difficult to help Patch – he was suffering from a rare medical condition called megaesophagus

His esophagus was not working properly, so he couldn’t get food into his stomach easily. Instead, they had to feed him in a special high chair. 

dog and vet
Source: RSPCA

“So the idea is that if we keep him upright, everything goes further down. It’s helped along by gravity. It doesn’t pool in the esophagus and it drops down into the stomach so that he can get the nutrients from the food and gain the weight.” RSPCA stated for The Dodo.  

They also launched an investigation and managed to trace Patch’s owners. Justice was served as they were charged with offenses under the Animal Welfare Act

After that, things took a turn for the better for Patch. His rehabilitation continued and he was moved to the RSPCA Animal Center. 

The dedication of the staff soon paid off and Patch’s condition improved – just in time for him to go to his new home!

He Truly Deserved A New Chance In Life

two girls and three dogs
Source: Lulu Jenkins

Very quickly, Patch was on his way to a new and better life and the owner he deserved. His new mom, Lulu Jenkins, tried her best to make sure that Patch didn’t lack anything in his new home. 

He was enjoying his best life with 6 other rescue dogs, horses, donkeys, and alpacas. In his loving home, he also met his best canine friend – a beautiful Great Dane, Matilda. The two soon became inseparable. 

two dogs sitting on the ground
Source: Lulu Jenkins

Lulu also took him to numerous competitions where he could finally show off all his talents, and he was brilliant. 

In the end, Patch no longer needed a special high chair. He was finally able to enjoy food like all the other dogs.

It’s safe to say that he is having the time of his life!

“He is such a character and we love him to pieces,” Lulu concluded.