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Neglected Dog Dumped In An Illinois Dumpster Now Lives The Life Of Her Dreams

Neglected Dog Dumped In An Illinois Dumpster Now Lives The Life Of Her Dreams

For dog lovers, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a dog in need find a suitable, nurturing environment. The moment they realize they’re finally on safe ground is precious, and their transformation throughout the process just can’t be summed up.

When Francine, a little Pittie puppy, was spotted in a dumpster, she was a lost cause. Mangy and deaf, this tiny girl craved help after she was cruelly dumped by her previous owner.

Little did she know that she was only days away from the most wonderful life twist! 

The Road To A Pawfect Home

deaf dog standing on the table
Source: Dark Horse Dogs

When Jessica Kupsik, a dog trainer from Chicago, Illinois, heard Francine’s story, she immediately fell in love. The local rescue group, Dark Horse Dogs, called her to ask if she wanted to foster Francine, and she just couldn’t say no.

“I think mangy and deaf were the two selling points for me,” Jessica told GeoBeats Animals.

From the moment they met, Francine and Jess formed a unique bond. Given her condition, Francine was definitely no ordinary dog, but on the other hand, she had so much personality that didn’t match her “original description.”

Kona, Jessica’s other dog, accepted Francine as a little, wiggly sister who just couldn’t stop running around the house and making funny, high-pitched noises whenever she wanted to express her emotions.

Despite her deafness, Francine became the princess of the house. Her funny, sometimes even foolish character provided her foster mom with so much laughter and joy. 

She was an excellent student and mastered her hand signals pretty quickly, but there were some things that were just beyond Jessica’s expertise, like Francine’s jumping up and off of furniture for fun!

“As a dog trainer, typically I’d be like, oh, you shouldn’t laugh at that. That’s so sad. But you can tell Francine has so much fun because she’ll jump on the couch and throw herself off again,” says Jessica.

Family’s Silliest Contortionist 

Francine’s contortionist skills never cease to amaze her foster mom. When least expected, this noisy lovebug will pull something completely unexpected and make everyone laugh!

Still, she knows perfectly well how to behave outside. She even uses eye contact with her mom to keep herself safe in the distance.

Once an abandoned dog given no chance in this world, Francine blossomed into a beautiful family dog who learned how to be a good girl despite her condition, all thanks to Jessica! 

Once Francine was finally ready to be adopted into a loving home, Jessica decided to keep her. She couldn’t stand the idea of separating from her little girl, and soon enough, Francine became a foster fail!

“I vowed to never adopt one of my foster dogs, but then this mischievous, deaf, bowling ball was found in the garbage and plowed her way into my life to test my patience as a dog guardian and skill as a dog trainer,” Jess wrote on Instagram.

She, her mom, and Kona now enjoy their time together in their home in Chicago, Illinois. And, if I can add one thing with certainty, it’s that Francine will definitely take on many exciting adventures in the years to come!