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This Mystery Stray Dog Leaves Everyone Puzzled About Her Breed

This Mystery Stray Dog Leaves Everyone Puzzled About Her Breed

When a little stray pup was admitted to a shelter in Los Angeles, California, the shelter staff was stunned as soon as they laid eyes on her. The pup was mostly bald and they couldn’t quite figure out the cause.

The staff had suspected that the pup’s baldness could have been caused by mange, scabies, or allergies.

Since the shelter didn’t have the necessary funds to run extensive tests on the little stray, they didn’t know how to treat her. 

The sad dog, later named Blossom, was left in her kennel, feeling uncomfortable and itchy. Despite the terrible state she was in, Blossom didn’t lose faith. The canine kept hoping that someone would notice her and help her when she needed it the most.

A Wonderful Human Decides To Help

At the time, Gretchen May, a dog lover, wanted to adopt one more pup. 

One day, while she was searching shelter websites, a post about a little bald dog with wrinkly skin attracted her attention. 

May noticed the sadness in the dog’s sweet eyes and she felt drawn to her. Her heart told her that this was the pup that she was searching for.

“She just looked so pitiful in the shelter photo, yet so sweet at the same time. I just felt so bad for her, as itchy and uncomfortable as she was, sitting in the shelter untreated on a stray hold for seven days! And I wondered who else would be crazy enough to take a chance on such an unknown mess,” May told The Dodo.

She contacted Precious Pals Pet Rescue and sent them the post about Blossom. May told them about her intention to adopt the pooch, and asked if they could rescue Blossom from the shelter.

As soon as the rescuers saw the little bald pup, she stole their hearts. They immediately agreed to help her. 

Blossom Is Safe In Her Mom’s Arms

The rescuers pulled Blossom from the shelter, and they took her to see the vet. The pup had a medical checkup.

Blossom was diagnosed with kennel cough and upper respiratory infection. She also had an ear infection and wounds on her body. The vet took skin scrapes to determine what was causing her hair loss.

The rescue staff felt saddened because Blossom was neglected for a long time.

“Her skin shows years of neglect and her eyes show signs of mild cataracts from all the years she lived outside and had to endure all the sunlight we have here in So.Cal. We can’t wait to have her feel better,” Precious Pals Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook.

After spending the night at the vet, Blossom moved into her forever home.

Although she was still in bad shape, the pup felt relieved to be in a loving home. Her mom took care of her and gave her a lot of love.

After the test results came in, May found out that Blossom didn’t have scabies or mange. Her vets believed that she had allergies.

The canine began taking medicine. Her mom gave Blossom medicated baths to help her feel better. Gradually, her skin started healing and becoming smoother. 

A month later, some of her fur grew back, but she was still mostly bald. Her forever family hoped that the dog’s allergies would go away after her other issues resolved themselves.

Her Mystery Past

Nobody knew what kind of dog Blossom was. Her previous life is a real mystery. 

Her family was convinced that Blossom had fur in the past, but they weren’t sure that it would regrow because her skin was too soft.

“…We suspect she’s mostly Chihuahua. But since her fur is longer it is possible she is mixed with a hairless breed or terrier or Maltese,” May added.

Her family didn’t care what breed she was or where she came from. All they cared about was her health. They loved her deeply and wanted to make her the happiest dog in the world.

Living Her Best Life

Showered with love, the lovely pooch recovered. Although she still has allergies, Blossom keeps them under control. The adorable pup gets a medicated bath twice a week. 

Blossom lives her best life in San Diego, California. Her family adores her. 

She has her own Instagram account and she brings a smile to her followers’ faces with her daily updates and funny reels.

Blossom loves wearing cute outfits. In her free time, she enjoys snuggling with her family and stealing their socks.