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This Musician Loves To Create Music On A Jazz Piano While Her Dog Sits In Her Lap

This Musician Loves To Create Music On A Jazz Piano While Her Dog Sits In Her Lap

A talented jazz pianist, Kara Mehrmann, has been performing around the U.S. and abroad for years now, and with a lot of success. 

She is also a full-time jazz piano instructor at Washington University, in St.Louis. She has been a member of several bands, including Dropkick the Robot and The LusterLights. 

Although you could easily conclude that she gained fame slowly over the years through all these successes, the truth is a little different.

The stepping stone on her way to the stars was actually an unexpected little musician full of enthusiasm for the art – her best canine friend.

Creating Art With An Unexpectedly Passionate Companion

female musician kissing a dog
Source: @kara_baldus

Mehrmann and her family have always been dog lovers, and they had a dog in their home in St. Louis.

Upon the arrival of Bradford, a small West Highland White Terrier, in their home, he seemed like any other pup they had – energetic, full of love, and ready to be cuddled.

However, deep inside this dog hid an incredible passion, which Kara soon saw for herself. It turned out that Bradford came into his ideal home, given that he shared a love of music with Kara and her family. 

dog sitting on a chair by the piano
Source: @kara_baldus

One day, he just sat on her lap while she played her jazz piano and the rest was history. Soon, no rehearsal could go by without B-Ford, as she and her husband affectionately call him. 

On the face of this Westie, you could see how much he enjoys it. For Mehrmann, herself, his positive vibrations of pleasure serve as a kind of inspiration for creating art.

Everything culminated one day when Bradford sat on his favorite human‘s lap as she performed her original jazz song, “Rebirth”, on piano. The little Westie had his eyes closed, and it looked like he was bopping to the beat in time with the music.

All this resulted in one of the best songs in Kara’s performance, which certainly would not have achieved such results if the genius, B-Ford, had not participated.

Just An Ordinary Pup With The Huge Love For Music

photo of female musician and dog
Source: @kara_baldus

Don’t think that this pup is anything special or different from others just because he has a passion and talent for music.

In his free time, when he’s not busy practicing for a new show and recording a new song, he’s just an ordinary dog ​​like any other.

happy dog
Source: @kara_baldus

Just like any Westie, Bradford is playful, but also very intelligent and capable of catching rats and other underground rodents.

He is very friendly and likes to play with his canine friends whenever he can. 

two dogs lying on grass
Source: @kara_baldus

It’s hard to even list what this fluffy white furball is capable of. However, to this day, his greatest passion remains music

We believe that soon, together with his talented mother, they will release a new song that will conquer the music world.

The artistic energy that such a specific musical duo produces is really not that common, so we expect nothing less.