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Mother Dog Was Cuddling Her Crying And Sick Puppies After They Were Dumped Near The Train Tracks

Mother Dog Was Cuddling Her Crying And Sick Puppies After They Were Dumped Near The Train Tracks

Only heartless people can look at the eyes of a mother dog and still be able to kick her and her babies out of their homes.

Emma felt desperate after she and her puppies were dumped near the train tracks. The heartbroken doggo couldn’t find any food for her children, who were crying in a cardboard box.

The malnourished puppies were infested with ticks and fleas. They were running out of strength.

The babies clung to their mom, looking for comfort. She cuddled them and kissed their little faces, trying to hide the sorrow in her eyes.

Good Humans Come To Their Aid

mother dog and puppies in a box
Source: The Moho

As soon as the rescuers heard about a canine family who was abandoned near the railroad tracks, they came to rescue them.

Upon their arrival, the rescue team realized that the mother dog was extremely frightened and distrustful of humans.  She curled up next to her babies, trying to protect them

The good people gently spoke to the mama dog, later named Emma, wishing to win her over.

Emma looked at them with sorrowful eyes. Although she was aware that her babies needed help, her fear was much stronger.

Luckily, the rescuers didn’t give up on them. Their hearts were full of compassion toward the brave mama and her children.

They felt brokenhearted after they saw the terrible state the canines were in. 

Both Emma and her babies were extremely skinny. The puppies’ skin was wrinkled, and they were missing some fur. 

photo of abandoned puppy
Source: The Moho

The rescuers left food for Emma and her pups, and they continued talking to them in a tender voice.

After realizing that the rescuers were her children’s only hope, the mother dog decided to accept their help.

Fighting To Save The Puppies’ Lives

scared abandoned dog
Source: The Moho

The good people took Emma and her babies to the clinic, where they received urgent medical attention.

The doctor ran lab tests and determined that the puppies were anemic and extremely weak. 

The canine family was hospitalized. 

The vet team fought to save the lives of the puppies. Their condition was serious. 

After the puppies started eating, the babies’ caregivers felt hopeful that they would recover.

mom dog and puppies eating
Source: The Moho

The canine family was still frightened. Emma curled up in the corner of their kennel, refusing to look their rescuers in the eyes. She was trembling from fear.

Her children were lying next to her. They needed her love to keep on fighting.

The doctors did everything they could to save the babies, but sadly, two of Emma’s puppies crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Despite feeling heartbroken, the rescuers gathered the strength to continue fighting for Emma and her third puppy, later named Milu. 

Both the vet team and the rescuers were relieved when the mother and her son started feeling better.

Looking For Happiness

puppy lying on a pink blanket
Source: Instagram

After Emma and Milu were discharged from the clinic, they moved to a shelter.

The puppies’ rescuers took great care of them and showered them with positive affirmations.

Gradually, Emma and Milu began recovering. The mother and her son noticed their rescuers’ kindness, and they started trusting their caregivers. The adorable canines opened their hearts to love.

Emma made a full recovery. She gained weight, and she flourished into a gorgeous doggo. 

dog lying
Source: Instagram

She loves playing with her son Milu and the other shelter dogs. The sweet girl managed to put her sad past behind her and focus on her future.

Milu also regained full health. His fur regrew, and he blossomed into a happy and adorable pup.

photo of dog indoors
Source: Facebook

Although Emma and Milu receive a lot of love at the shelter, the pups can’t wait to start a new life with their forever families.

I hope that they find their happily ever after. After everything these lovely canines went through, they deserve to feel cherished and adored.