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Mother Dog Didn’t Know How To Thank A Woman For Saving Her Beloved Children

Mother Dog Didn’t Know How To Thank A Woman For Saving Her Beloved Children

Every mother lives for her children and will do everything to provide them with what they need in life and a happy childhood. It’s no different with mother dogs, especially those who are left to fend for themselves and their babies.

When a woman started seeing a female Pit Bull near her home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she had no idea about this dog’s life story. Although she fed her several times, this pittie actually craved something else. 

After she realized what it was, her heart cried for this dog, and she knew that she had to help her.

Big-Hearted Rescuer

A woman became aware of the dog’s struggles when she saw her feeding several hungry puppies near the house. Without much thought, she secured a comfortable place for them, but she could not do more than that. 

However, she then recorded a video of this mother nursing her puppies and sent it to one person who she thought could help her. When she saw the message, this big-hearted rescuer did not wait a minute but immediately rushed to that place.

After Audray Luck, the founder of Luck’s Rescue, came to Chattanooga, Tennessee, the mother dog instantly jumped into her lap. Regardless of what she went through, she did not remove the smile from her face, so Luck decided to name her Happy

Happy used to live in a warm home, but her owners abandoned her, so she had to fend for herself. Not long after that, Happy gave birth to seven puppies that she took care of by herself until she brought them to a neighboring house where this woman found them. 

“Happy just wanted to make sure that they got enough food and that they were healthy,” Luck told Cuddle Buddies

Touched by her unfortunate fate, Luck decided to do everything to make the future brighter for this mother dog and her children.

Hello, New Life

Luck acted immediately and quickly found a foster home for the puppies while the mother stayed with her a little longer.

“Happy was a little concerned. She was like “Where are my babies?”,” Luck said. 

Soon, she found a foster home for Happy as well. There, she was instantly showered with love and affection, which helped her get through all these turbulent life moments. 

Her savior, Luck, soon visited her again and got her the most beautiful surprise that brought the recognizable smile back to her face. Those were her babies, and she was over the moon when she saw them once again. 

At one point, however, the mother and her children had to go their separate ways and find happiness in their new lives. Luckily, this mother dog, despite everything she’d been through, still had enough love in her heart. 

“She’s been through so much in her life and yet like she’s still willing to give so much love,” Luck happily concluded. 

Happy proved this every day in her new foster home, where, in addition to enjoying every moment with her family, she also found her best bunny friend from whom she did not separate. 

Life was finally a blessing again, and only one good soul separated her from her happiest ending. Just as the kind-hearted woman from the beginning of this story managed to find her, her beauty will surely be recognized by someone who will give her forever happiness.

We don’t doubt that at all.