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Exhausted Mother Dog Did Everything To Protect Her Son After Their Owner Dumped Them

Exhausted Mother Dog Did Everything To Protect Her Son After Their Owner Dumped Them

Being a rescuer is not just an ordinary, everyday job, but it is a kind of mission in this world. Deep in the heart, one should have a strong love for all beings and be ready to help them in all situations regardless of difficulties.

The main force of this whole process is definitely love. It is the fuel behind all the actions of these people, but not only that, it is sometimes able to keep alive those souls that are almost completely broken. 

The best proof of that is the story of a mother dog and her son, whom their owner heartlessly abandoned, but who, thanks to immense love, managed to survive before being found by kind-hearted rescuers.

The Greatest Love In The World

puppy laying with his mother dog
Source: Paws Show

The heartless owner lost interest in his two dogs, mother Venere and her son, Enea, so he dumped them in a desolate area on the outskirts of the city. The separation from the person whom they trusted the most broke their hearts and left scars on their souls. 

This heartbreaking situation influenced the poor animals so much that they started to suffer from an illness that made them weak and vulnerable. Despite the mother’s terrible condition, she used all her left strength to protect her child

Unfortunately, at one moment, her condition got worse, and she collapsed from exhaustion, unable to move. Enea, her young son, didn’t know what to do, but he knew he couldn’t leave his mother alone. So, he lay down beside her, cuddling up inside her arms.

Although they were both starving, thirsty, and sick, their strong mutual love kept them alive. Thanks to that, they were able to endure all the pain until the kind rescuers from Associazione Ohana found them.

a man helping mother dog and her puppy
Source: Paws Show

These people were shocked to see the desperate state of Venere and her son, Enea. The mother dog was barely breathing, and the son was lying next to her, shivering and scared.

However, there was not much time to despair as they knew they had to act fast to save the dogs’ lives. So, they carefully picked up Venere and Enea and took them to their animal shelter.

Healthy And Happy Once Again

As soon as they came to their premises, the dogs were given immediate medical attention, and the rescuers worked hard to nurse them back to health. 

woman dragging puppy
Source: Facebook

Since these two dogs were seriously ill, it was not an easy task. Instead, it was a long and difficult journey, but these people were determined to ensure them a brighter future. At the same time, Venere and Enea were also very brave and never gave up. 

With the love and care of their rescuers, as well as their courage and strength, these two slowly began to recover. Every day, their condition was getting better, and one day, it finally happened – Venere and Enea became healthy and happy pups once again

happy dogs outdoor
Source: Facebook

This mother dog and her son could no longer hide the smile from their faces, and their love was even greater than before.

These dogs finally had a safe and warm place to call home, and they never had to worry about being abandoned or mistreated again. They were always together, Venere protecting her son and Enea cuddling up close to his mother.

mother dog with her puppy
Source: Facebook

Every day, as the two dogs played and ran around in the shelter, the rescuers smiled and felt grateful for having saved their lives. Venere and Enea have proven that love and resilience can conquer any obstacle.

In this case, the strongest love that exists defeated the worst heartlessness, and that’s the most significant victory of all.