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Mork Skywalker, The Pawdorable Rescue Dog, Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

Mork Skywalker, The Pawdorable Rescue Dog, Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

Who says there are no Yodas in real life? Well, prepare to be proven wrong, as you’re about to meet the cutest, most pawdorable, non-fictional baby Yoda!

The force was definitely strong with Mork Skywalker, the Bulldog mix who looks exactly like his Star Wars doppelganger. 

This little “alien doggo” has made headlines all over the world due to his hauntingly beautiful look. But, just like all rescue dogs, Mork Skywalker had a long way to a cozy life. Before he even made it to the hall of fame, this tiny pup had a not-so-glamorous life!

This is his story!

Mork’s Backstory

Mork was saved by the organization called Harbin SHS Animal Rescue, from San Diego, California, that prevents dogs from being the victims of meat trade. When he was first spotted by the HSHS, Mork was emaciated, had no skin, and he had a lot of congenital issues.

After he was successfully transported to U.S. soil, Mork’s life started to get better! The rescue got in contact with Nikki Carvey, the founder of Roadogs Rescue, from Southern California, who was more than happy to take Mork in.

So far, this giant-hearted rescuer has fostered countless dogs, and Mork was about to be one of them. But, as soon as she laid her eyes on Mork, Nikki knew that he would be a foster failure!

He was very adorably cute, well-mannered, and calm, and he instantly fit into Nikki’s home. However, Mork had a long way to recovery, as his health wasn’t as glamorous as his charming personality.

“We all love Mork because he is so bloody cute. But he is a mess. Internal issues, possible hiatal hernia, possible heart issues, breathing and palate issues. A dog should never be bred to be different or cute. It should always be about health,” Nikki wrote on Instagram.

The Road To Recovery

dog with looks of Yoda
Source: Roadogs Rescue

Nikki did everything in her power to help Mork recover from intestinal issues. This tiny doggo had to be within normal weight parameters, too, as even the slightest weight gain meant having more problems with breathing.

Even though brachycephalic issues in Mork’s breed are not rare, the main reason behind his poor condition is bad breeding. Luckily, after a thorough checkup, Mork ended up not having any heart problems, just slight arrhythmia. 

His new mom makes sure that the pup gets all the care needed, and soon enough, Mork started feeling better.

He took his daily walks with Nikki, and he just loved the beach! Morkie came out of his shell within just a few weeks. Thanks to Nikki and a couple of his new siblings, this baby Yoda boi turned into a brand-new dog!

Mork’s A Global Celebrity

Okay, he may lack the green tint, but everything else about Mork screams – YODA! With his big eyes and floppy ears, Mork Skywalker took social media by storm and became quite a celebrity.

His mom posts his adorable videos on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. So far, countless people have seen his story and immediately fell in love with his one-of-a-kind look!

Together with his doggo siblings, Mugshot and Paloma, Mork Skywalker takes on every new day with so much enthusiasm! These pups seize every opportunity to make an unforgettable adventure out of each day and create lifetime memories!

They dress up in costumes, go on trips, take car rides with their mom, and hang out with other foster pups! But, at the end of the day, Mork and the crew are just happy to have a cozy home and someone who loves them. And, isn’t that really what life is all about?