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Scared Mom Dog Found Protecting Her Babies Finally Learns What Love Is

Scared Mom Dog Found Protecting Her Babies Finally Learns What Love Is

Unfortunately, finding an abandoned dog that has to fend for itself in this cruel world is no longer news. Although many people have lost their empathy in the face of such sad situations, there are still those good souls who cannot remain indifferent. 

One soft-hearted woman was left in tears one morning when she saw a mother dog hiding in a bush by the road to protect her babies. 

This prompted her to call for help immediately, and the women from the rescue organization were soon on their way.

Determined To Save Them

puppies hiding in a bush
Source: Facebook

When two experienced rescuers came to that place, they couldn’t find the dogs at first. That was until they looked over the wall that separated the road from the precipice. Below that wall fence, they were greeted by the frightened look of a mother dog. 

This mom was lying in a bush while her curled-up body protected her beloved puppies. Although great fear could be read in her expression, these experienced rescuers also saw that she was desperate and wanted to be helped.

There was no clear way to get to the place where this canine family was. However, one of the rescuers gathered courage, and with the help of her colleague, somehow managed to go down and reach them. 

She approached them slowly so as not to disturb the mother. She also brought some food because she knew that Mama was very hungry considering that she had nursed puppies all that time. 

photo of a scared dog
Source: Facebook

After that act of kindness, the rescuer managed to gain her trust and this mother’s gaze was no longer so frightened. One by one, this woman passed the puppies to her colleague who stayed on the road, and she carefully wrapped them in a warm blanket. 

When all five little ones were safe, she gently took the mother in her arms to unite her with her babies. Although the fear could still be seen in this dog’s eyes, she knew that these people were there to help her, so she didn’t resist at all. 

photo of black van on a road
Source: Facebook

That’s why they could finally go to the premises of the rescue organization, which would be their new home in the coming days.

On To Their New Lives

mama dog lying on the floor
Source: Facebook

When they got there, the people from the rescue organization first named this brave mother dog Ritinha. Ritinha was happy that she was with her babies in safety, so much so that her eyes started to shine with joy

The employees and volunteers who took care of this small canine family made sure that the Mama dog didn’t miss anything and that she had all the conditions to raise her puppies.

four little puppies eating
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Of course, that had a good effect on the babies as well because in their most sensitive period of life, they were surrounded by immense love and care. Every moment of their growing up, they showed their happy side more and more and proved that a bright future was ahead of them.

It wasn’t long before the best possible news arrived. The rescue organization wrote in their Facebook post that the first puppy, named Carlota, had been adopted only a few days after the rescue. 

woman holding a puppy
Source: Facebook

The other pups had to wait a little longer for their happiest moment, but they got it, all in one day. Their new owners could not hide the smiles from their faces because such cuties were entering their lives. 

photo of people holding puppies
Source: Facebook

Only mom remained, who, despite this, was still over the moon because of all the wonderful moments that happened to her in the previous period.  

Nevertheless, after the shelter wrote in their Facebook post: “Mothers are always forgotten”, with a picture of her irresistible smile, Ritinha attracted a lot of attention to herself. 

It paid off in the end because a new Facebook post soon appeared that wrapped up this whole story with a happy ending. 

“Rita has been adopted 🥰❤️🥰🐶,” they wrote in the post. From the picture they posted, it is difficult to say who is happier – Ritinha or her new favorite person. 

woman cuddling with a dog
Source: Facebook

This is a story that has, again, shown that just one small good deed can sometimes completely change someone’s life – in this case, the lives of an entire family.